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Western and Chinese Art: Masters and Classics - Tsinghua University



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From da Vinci to Zhang Xu, Wu Daozi and Warhol, explore immortal works of Western and Chinese art and gain an appreciation of culture, history and civilization.With this course you earn while you learn, you gain recognized qualifications, job specific skills and knowledge and this helps you stand out in the job market.

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Requisiti: Basic knowledge of Chinese and Western history and art history required.


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Chinese Art


Throughout human history, art has served as a window into current events, traditions, societies and culture. And, Chinese and Western civilizations have produced some of the most famous artworks by world-renowned artists. This course will examine Western and Chinese art, artists and history. Through exploring immortal works of art, this course will help learners gain insight into our shared history and better understand culture, both past and present. From an interdisciplinary perspective of art history, aesthetics, intellectual history and cultural history, we will explore spiritual and cultural questions such as “where are we from” and “what is humanity.” The course will present a general overview of Chinese art and Western art, focusing on major works with special attention paid to the comparison between China and the West and between tradition and modernity. In this course, learners will develop a systematic knowledge of Western and Chinese art history, its artists and aesthetic theories. Students will develop aesthetic judgment, appreciation and a knowledge of humanities, and cultivate their artistic tastes. Join us as we survey renowned Chinese and Western artists and deepen our understanding and appreciation of art, history and culture.

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Xing Xiao, born in Weiyuan, Sichuan in 1962, PhD in Philosophy from Peking University, is now professor and doctoral supervisor with the Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University; research fellow with the Peking University Research Center for Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education and with the Peking University Institute for Cultural Industries. His published works and dissertations include: To Say or Not to Say?—A Collection of Literary Criticism by Xiao Ying (2014), the Ming Dynasty Volume of History of Chinese Aesthetics (2014), “The Universe Is One Finger”: A Collection of Papers on Cultural Criticism (2012), A Guide to Chinese and Western Art (2005), Aesthetics and Artistic Appreciation (2004), The True and the Infinite (2002), and Image and Survival (1996).