0401 E Introduction to drilling

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Operative personnel or personnel in drilling organisations onshore participating in planning and monitoring special drilling or well operations. Especially we address personnel seeking to improve their skills in the areas of deep water drilling, high temperature and high pressure (HP/HT) wells or drilling operation with coiled tubing, snubbing or under balanced drilling.

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After completing the course the student should be able to describe the function and operating mode included limitations to equipment used when drilling with hydraulic equipment,snubbing
and coiled tubing. They will also be able to discuss the purpose of drilling under balanced and explain the function and operating mode of equipment used for such operations. The student
will also be able to assess the selection of equipment, describe the necessary measures and explain the limitations to drilling in deep water or HP/HT wells.

Requisiti: Completion of common course subjects – Level 1 – or equivalent qualifications are recommended. Completion of Drilling Technology 1 and 2 is an advantage.

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Well service
Operative personnel
Drilling organisations
Monitoring special drilling
Operational conditions
Coiled tubing
Well control
Safety Blow Out Preventer


Course content:

Coiled tubing drilling:

Coiled tubing units on fixed or floating platforms

Application areas

Requirements for equipment and systems

Rigging up the coiled tubing equipment

Requirements for well control

Safety Blow Out Preventer (BOP)

Connection to the rig’s systems

Operational conditions using coiled tubing

Drilling with hydraulic pipe snubbing units (Snubbing):