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Admin and Receptionist Diploma Level 3 - CPD Certified & IAO Accredited

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Would you like to work in administrative support roles in organizations or want to update your existing administrative and supervisory skills? If it’s a YES, then Admin and Receptionist Diploma Level 3 is exactly what you need!

The course begins with the necessary knowledge and training in the fundamentals of administration and reception. It includes admin support, administrative management, customer relations & dealings, professional telephone receptionist skills and much more. It also enable you to expand your knowledge & skills on computer literacy so that you can carry out your work more effectively. With the help this course you will learn the necessary skills, knowledge and information of office administration.

A professional receptionist is mainly responsible to communicate first with the clients, and to be in the front liners in the business industry. So it is very important for you to have the skills in office management. This course will help you to learn organizational skills, office management techniques, and advanced Microsoft Office skills.

Basically, this course is a complete package for you with all required skills of professional administrator and receptionist.

Informazioni importanti
È la formazione giusta per me?

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students of all academic backgrounds.

Qual è il processo di iscrizione?

On receiving your request an academic officer from the course will call you to explain everything about the course, including how you can sign up, payment options and enrollment periods

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Telephone Skills
Listening Skills
Office IT
Customer Service
Communication Skills
Ms Office
Communication Training
Telephone management
Taking messages
Taking messages



Admin Support

  • Module One – Getting Started
  • Module Two – Getting Organized (I)
  • Module Three – Getting Organized (II)
  • Module Four – Managing Time
  • Module Five – Getting It All Done On Time
  • Module Six – Special Tasks
  • Module Seven – Verbal Communication Skills
  • Module Eight – Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Module Nine – Empowering Yourself
  • Module Ten – The Team of Two
  • Module Eleven – Taking Care of Yourself
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up

Administrative Management

  • Module One – Getting Started
  • Module Two – Why Your Office Needs Administrative Procedures
  • Module Three – Gathering the Right Tools
  • Module Four – Identifying Procedures to Include
  • Module Five – Top Five Procedures to Record
  • Module Six – What to Include in Your Binder (I)
  • Module Seven – What to Include in Your Binder (II)
  • Module Eight – Organizing Your Binder
  • Module Nine – What Not to Include in the Procedure Guide
  • Module Ten – Share Office Procedure Guide
  • Module Eleven – Successfully Executing the Guide
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up

Organisational Skills

  • Module One – Getting Started
  • Module Two – Remove the Clutter
  • Module Three – Prioritize
  • Module Four – Scheduling Your Time
  • Module Five – To Do Lists
  • Module Six – Paper and Paperless Storage
  • Module Seven – Organization in Your Work Area
  • Module Eight – Tools to Fight Procrastination
  • Module Nine – Organizing Your Inbox
  • Module Ten – Avoid the Causes of Disorganization
  • Module Eleven – Discipline is the Key to Stay Organized
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up
  • Organisational Skills Course for Administrator Level 2- Activities


  • Receptionist
  • Importance of Receptionist
  • Different Types of Receptionist & Roles
  • Communication Skills for Receptionist
  • Telephone Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Taking Messages
  • Presenting & Appearance
  • Reservation Procedure
  • Confidentiality Checklist
  • Being Organized as Receptionist
  • Becoming a Successful Receptionist

Customer Service Skills

  • Understanding Customer Service
  • Identifying Customer Expectations
  • Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • Focusing on the Customer
  • Customer Service and the Telephone
  • Handling Complaints
  • Enduring Stress

Customer Relations & Dealings

  • Module One – Getting Started
  • Module Two – The Right Attitude Starts with You
  • Module Three – Stress Management (Internal Stressors)
  • Module Four – Stress Management (External Stressors)
  • Module Five – Transactional Analysis
  • Module Six – Why are Some Customers Difficult
  • Module Seven – Dealing with the Customer Over the Phone
  • Module Eight – Dealing with the Customer In Person
  • Module Nine – Sensitivity in Dealing with Customers
  • Module Ten – Scenarios of Dealing with a Difficult Customer
  • Module Eleven – Following up With a Customer Once You Have Addressed Their Issue
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up

Professional Telephone Receptionist Skills

  • Module One – Getting Started
  • Module Two – Core Skills Required
  • Module Three – Self-Management (I)
  • Module Four – Self-Management (II)
  • Module Five – Time Management (I)
  • Module Six – Time Management (II)
  • Module Seven – Organizing and Planning (I)
  • Module Eight – Organizing and Planning (II)
  • Module Nine – Communication (I)
  • Module Ten – Communication (II)
  • Module Eleven – Additional Challenges
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up
  • Professional Telephone Receptionist Course- Activities