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Advanced Corporate Governance for Financial Institutions

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Inizio 18/03/2019
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Would you like that your company achieves the high international standards used in the financial sector? Then you should check this course by London Corporate Training that has published in its catalogue.

With the world still recovering from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis and high levels of government debt, it is important that we are all able to learn lessons from the events of 2007 to 2010.

This two-week programme is designed to create a real understanding of control; adding knowledge of what detailed administration, audit and scrutiny can add to an organisation; while requiring a strong and deliverable ethos of leadership in compliance and capacity building as a Financial Institution.

The schedule of course topics invites students to review risk, compliance and control as part of a curriculum devoted to a better understanding of the nature of Banking and allied Financial Institutions.

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Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

• Understand corporate governance of the international financial sector

• Develop and apply local codes to their own environment

• Understand the applicability of their own existing practices and structures in comparison with growing international best practice

• Appreciate the inter-dependence of Governance, Risk management & Compliance (GRC)

• Evaluate the key features of enterprise risk management

• Develop procedures and internal controls relevant to financial sector institutions

• Understand the triple-bottom line of corporate social responsibility

• Develop best practice in compensation and remuneration

È la formazione giusta per me?

• Managers and executives who want a deep appreciation of the critical role of corporate governance
• Regulators who are developing and implementing codes and standards
• Board members who have clear responsibilities and obligations which they need to understand and exercise
• Audit committee, nominations committee and other committee members who need to explore their roles and purposes
• Company secretaries who have specific governance responsibilities
• Aspiring Board members who want to quickly increase their knowledge
• Senior staff who support the Board and its committees
• Internal auditors who will be verifying internal controls
• Other stakeholders and investors who need to monitor and challenge the application of standards
• In-house lawyers who have responsibilities for guidance and interpretation

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18 mar 2019
15 lug 2019
18 nov 2019
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, London, England
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Inizio 18 mar 2019
15 lug 2019
18 nov 2019
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, London, England
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Mohammed Abdullah
Il meglio: Most of the instructors are very experienced and express their teaching in a very good easy-to-understand way. They were very helpful explaining the details and presenting a lot of examples. The overall output of the training was excellent and I have no problem recommending engineers to attend their training with LCT
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Corso realizzato: Novembre 2016
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Sam Addo-Nortey
Il meglio: I must single out customer service by LCT as very commendable. I really felt at home. Very grateful to all.
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Corso realizzato: Agosto 2016
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Abdel Meesan
Il meglio: The trainer's material and knowledge is of great quality. I will definately return to LCT.
Da migliorare: Nothing
Corso realizzato: Dicembre 2015
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Corporate Governance
Best Practice
Risk Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
IT risk
Financial Training
Enterprise Risk Management
Financial Sector
Risk Committee
Banking Sector


The World of Corporate Governance Today

· International events leading to governance reform

· Purpose and objectives of governance including agency risk and moral hazard

· US Sarbanes Oxley Act style legislation vs. UK-style voluntary code: focusing where possible on participants' countries

· Standards-driving bodies and evolving principles

· Formative regulatory bodies including OECD, Basel Committee, SECs and CMAs, Central Banks

Main Components and Principles 

· Eight principles which underpin every system of governance:

· OECD Code core concepts  and guidance

· Listing requirements and continuous obligations

· Corporate Governance in the financial sector – raising the bar –  what is special about banks and bank governance?

· Basel Committee's guidance on enhancing corporate governance for the banking sector

· Review of European Union's approach to Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions

The Governing Body

· What does a “Good”  financial institution look like

· Alternative board structures – dual and unitary boards

· Different types of board members: their roles and responsibilities, including the Secretary to the Board

· The growing importance of the INED

· The vital role of Board Committees in the new era of governance, including the audit committee, nominations & remuneration committee and the risk committee

Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) in Financial Institutions

· The growth and linkage of these three topics in finance

· The main components of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

· The central role of internal controls and linkage to ERM

· Best practice compensation principles and standards

· Shareholders, depositors and other stakeholders need for disclosure and transparency