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      Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

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      Are you ready to go one step beyond with this Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner Course? With this programme offered by Emagister you will strengthen up you knowledge in this area.

      At the beginning you’ll get to recapitulate the lessons learned in the Crystal Healing course, including both knowledge and techniques. Then, you’ll expand your mind into the infinite possibilities to use crystals as a way to enhance wellness in your and other’s life.

      In order to become a good healer, you need to learn the human energy system, which includes: the 7 main chakras, the aura and the human meridians. With this course you’ll achieve this knowledge in each module.

      It is also important to develop your intuition and know how to use it when choosing, cleansing, charging and setting your crystals, since this a spiritual journey that starts and ends within you.

      You’ll get in touch with the sacred geometry concept that describes the patterns present in the universe; this is applicable to healing techniques, in which you can use crystal grid in order to amplify the effects of each piece.

      If you want to learn more about this programme, do not hesitate to contact Centre of Exellence through Emagister.co.uk and solve every doubt.

      Informazioni importanti
      Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

      In addition to using crystals in your own life, the course will enable you to bring additional healing techniques to your current therapy business or give you the extra confidence you may need to start a business.

      È la formazione giusta per me?

      Whether you have taken the Crystal Healing Diploma Course or already have a good level of foundational knowledge, this course will advance your capabilities with crystals and crystal healing. It will also open you up to additional uses and techniques that you can incorporate into your practice, such as helping in spiritual development or manifesting desires.

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      Victoria Walters
      Sul corso: Interesting, engaging and informative, I had a nice time course was great and I enjoyed my time like anything. They cleared all the queries and it was amazing the way they did and helped out. I would recommend the same to all. Thanks!
      Corso realizzato: Marzo 2019
      Consiglieresti questo centro?:
      Il meglio: I honestly couldn’t recommend enough, the website is so professional, full of knowledge, the assessments are great and it’s slightly addictive.
      Da migliorare: All ok
      Corso realizzato: Maggio 2018
      Consiglieresti questo centro?:
      angela wilson
      Il meglio: The every aspect of the course is easy to understand and so much help along the way. I shall be taking more courses with Centre of Excellence.
      Da migliorare: Nothing to change
      Corso realizzato: Luglio 2018
      Consiglieresti questo centro?:
      Il meglio: It gives me a chance to work in a time limit that suits me and I don't feel rushed. Not only that, it gives me a chance to study the career field I want and explored.
      Da migliorare: Nothing
      Corso realizzato: Maggio 2018
      Consiglieresti questo centro?:
      Kim Cook
      Il meglio: I enjoy the courses I am starting to complete. It's helped me to learn a new hobby and skills.
      Da migliorare: -
      Corso realizzato: Luglio 2018
      Consiglieresti questo centro?:
      * Opinioni raccolte da Emagister & iAgora

      Cosa impari in questo corso?

      IT Law
      Crystal healing
      Crystal Grids
      Sacred Geometry
      Psychic Development
      Human Energy System


      Module 1: Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Healing

      • Introduction
      • Part 1: Crystals and Their Properties
      • Part 2: Recap – Crystal Terminology and Attributes
      • Part 3: What is Crystal Healing?
      • Module 1 Assessment

      Module 2: The Human Energy System

      • Part 1: What are Chakras?
      • Part 2: The Aura and the Seven Subtle Bodies
      • Part 3: Meridians
      • Module 2 Assessment

      Module 3: Advancing Your Crystal Toolkit

      • Part 1: How to Choose a Crystal
      • Part 2: Charging and Programming Your Crystals
      • Part 3: Expanding Your Crystal Collection
      • Module 3 Assessment

      Module 4: Crystal Grids and Sacred Geometry

      • Part 1: What is Sacred Geometry?
      • Part 2: Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids
      • Part 3: Crystal Grid Components
      • Module 4 Assessment

      Module 5: Healing with Crystals

      • Part 1: Treating Specific Ailments
      • Part 2: Treating Mental and Emotional Issues
      • Part 3: Metaphysical/Spiritual Healing
      • Module 5 Assessment

      Module 6: Healing Techniques

      • Part 1: Day-to-Day Healing
      • Part 2: Chakra Healing
      • Part 3: Aura Healing
      • Part 4: Distance Healing
      • Module 6 Assessment

      Module 7: Spiritual Development with Crystals

      • Part 1: Grounding
      • Part 2: Meditation
      • Part 3: Communicating with Higher Realms and Psychic Development
      • Part 4: Crystals for Spiritual Development
      • Module 7 Assessment

      Module 8: Manifesting with Crystals

      • Part 1: The Law of Attraction
      • Part 2: How Crystals Can Help
      • Module 8 Assessment
      • Conclusion