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PUC - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, presents through emagister the American Academy international study program.

American Academy is PUCPR’s international undergraduate program in collaboration with Kent State University (Ohio – USA). The innovative initiative brings together the best of north-American higher education to the best university in the State of Paraná, Brazil.

American Academy is the best option for students who want to take their undergraduate studies in the United States with safety and affordable tuition fees. Plus, you do not need to choose your major before entering the university, and the first two years happen in Brazil, at PUCPR, with classes taught in English by Kent State University faculty members.

During the first two years, the American Academy’s curriculum follows the Liberal Arts Education model, which is especially prevalent in the United States, and covers topics in the areas of humanities, natural and social sciences. Through the Liberal Arts Education, students get a global knowledge and acquire transferable skills, fundamental in all professions. By the end of the second year of American Academy, you choose to finish your studies either at PUCPR or at Kent State University.

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Ohio, USA
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Ohio, USA
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American Politics
Engineering Skills
Interior Architecture
Design techniques
American History
American Literature
Engineering Management
Architecture Design
Life Sciences
Architecture and Design Schools
Communication and Arts
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American Academy


You do not need to choose a program of study prior entering the American Academy (e.g. Business, Architecture, Psychology). At the American Academy, you can redirect your studies to any area of knowledge you want.

The core curriculum of the first two years includes courses from various areas of knowledge to provide a broad and humanistic higher education, focused on the development of the 21st century skills. Research, data analysis, critical thinking, creativity, oral and written communication, teamwork, and problem solving are some of the skills an American Academy student will acquire throughout the program. Check the course list here.

During the first two years of American Academy, the classes happen at PUCPR, on a full-time schedule, and taught by Kent State faculty members, exactly how it works in the United States.

The course format is modular and each one happens for a period up to 4 weeks and is combined to extracurricular activities.

Plus, during this first two years, you’ll count with the support of student advisors who will help you to make the most of your time at American Academy, and give you career advisement to help you choose your profession.

After concluding 64 credits of American Academy disciplines, you will receive an Associate of Sciences Degree from Kent State University and will be eligible to choose your major and where you want to finish your studies: at PUCPR or at Kent State. Remember: since your first day at American Academy, you are a student of both institutions.