Arboriculture I

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A good foundation in tree care and culture. This course develops your skills and understanding in diagnosis and treatment of tree disorders, whether pests, diseases, nutritional or water problems, or something else. You learn about the standard tree surgery practices, to prune and train both young and established trees, and safety measures to follow.

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Describe measures to provide healthy trees in different situations, including appropriate plant selection. Explain tree biology, including morphology, anatomy and physiology, as it relates to arboriculture. Develop procedures to manage soils for improved tree growth. Develop procedures for managing health disorders with trees, including environmental, pest and disease problems. Determine surgical techniques commonly used in arboriculture to repair damage to plants Explain tree surgery techniques commonly used in arboriculture to prune growth. Determine appropriate equipment for arboricultural practice. Determine appropriate workplace health and safety practices for an arboricultural workplace.


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Il meglio: This course will be an awesome help in my expert profession however it additionally adds to my general information of trees and improves my enthusiasm for trees
Da migliorare: No negative aspects.
Corso realizzato: Agosto 2016
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Il meglio: This course will help me progress in my professional in my career. I have also learned a lot about trees , so this course has raised interest on the matter.
Da migliorare: Everything was positive.
Corso realizzato: Giugno 2016
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Environmental Conservation
Agricultural Science
Crop Science
Plant Science
Plant Biology
Biology Science
Tree felling supervision
Tree Biology


There are 8 lessons:

  • Introduction to Arboriculture

Trees in the garden, Planting in the right position, Choosing the right variety, Choosing the right specimen, How to plant different types of trees, Transplanting, Tree Guards, Using a Tree Report Form

  • Tree Biology

Tree growth, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Transpiration, Vernilisation, What makes foliage change colour, Tree physiology, Roots, Stems, Leaves, Bud types, How a tree grows, Vascular tissue, Cambium, Xylem, Phloem, Secondary growth, Growth rings, Heartwood, Sapwood, Compartmentalisation, Water and plant growth, Growth rate factors, Arboricultural terminology

  • Soils In Relation to Trees

Fertilising, Compacted soils, Tree health and drainage, Treating soil over winter, Changed soil levels around trees, Measuring pH, Measuring soil organic content, Measuring water content, Determining fertiliser solubility, Testing affect of lime on soil, Laboratory testing of soils, Soil texture, Measuring salinity, Soil horizons, Soil Naming, Soil nutrition, Fertilisers, etc

  • Diagnosing Tree Problems

Tree health disorders, Frost protection, Minimising frost and wind damage, Mulch and frost, Missletoe, Diagnosing problems, Conducting a Tree inspection
Tree Surgery
Tree surgery-do you need it, Review of techniques, Tree surgery safety, Safety and the worker, Public safety, Safety regulations, Cavity treatments, Bracing, Cabling, Propping, Bark wounds, Tree climbing techniques, Knots, Anchoring points, etc.

  • Pruning of Trees

Pruning objectives, Removing branches, Crown cleaning, Crown thinning, Crown reduction, Crown lifting, Crown renewal, Fruit tree pruning, Felling a whole tree, Felling sections of a tree, terminology.

  • Arboriculture Equipment

Secateurs, Hand saws, Power tools, Safety with electricity, Engine and tool maintenance, Chain saws, Hedge trimmers, Ladders, Harnesses, Ropes, Pole belt, Spurs, etc

  • Workplace Health and Safety

Duty of Care, Lifting & manual handling, Protective equipment, Handling tools and machinery, Auditing tools and equipment