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Autism Awareness

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Our online Autism Awareness course is specially designed to give you the education you need to help the autistic community. Whether you are looking to learn more about autism to help an autistic person you love or you are just looking to make a difference with people in the community, we are ready and waiting to help. Our intensive online Autism Awareness course will teach you about:

The autism spectrum and how to identify where a person fits along it
How autism affects a person’s social and functional interactions
The possible causes of autism
How to treat the different symptoms of autism
How to create a plan for managing autistic symptoms
What autism awareness looks like in the classroom
The community supports that are available to autistic people and their families
Each year, the reported number of people afflicted with autism increases, and the autism community needs more people who are understanding of the condition and trained to help. Whether you are looking to make a career out of helping autistic people or just want to prepare yourself better for being accommodating to people suffering from autism, our course is for you.

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Our online Autism Awareness course will help you turn your natural love of helping people into a new career or a rewarding volunteer experience. Young or old, we can help you get the training you need to take the next step towards helping others. What makes this opportunity even better is that our course is entirely online, meaning you can do all of this on your own time, at your own pace, in your own home. Enroll in our online Autism Awareness course now, and get the training you need to truly help people and feel good about yourself.

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Connie Dunwoody
Il meglio: I actually loved what I learned. I do believe that I can take what was learned and put it into motion. I enjoyed my time here.
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Corso realizzato: Agosto 2018
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Social Work
Behavioural Therapy
Emotional Intelligence
Education Studies
Special Needs Care
Special Education
Autism Teaching
Autistic Children
Social care


Module 1: Understanding the spectrum
What is autism?
Myths Analysing the spectrum
Learning disabilities
Social and emotional development

Module 2: The autistic environment
The new model of autism
Autism spectrum disorders rising
Toxic body burden
The government’s role

Module 3: What causes autism?
Is autism caused by nature or nurture?
Identifying early signs of autism
Identifying autism in adults
How does autism affect genders differently?

Module 4: Autistic behaviour
How autistic behaviour can be challenging
Child behaviour and how to identify autism
Theory of Mind
Addressing child behaviour

Module 5: Conducting a functional autism assessment
Descriptive vs. experimental
Cautions needed before performing an FBA
Analysing the data

Module 6: Autism in the classroom
Inclusion and proper placement
Differentiated instruction
Individualised educational plans
Monitoring success

Module 7: Creating a positive support plan
Event strategies
Antecedent strategies
Behaviour teaching strategies
Consequence strategies
Reinforcement and punishment
Extinction Safety

Module 8: Aging and long term care
Aging out crisis
Functioning in society as an adult
Support systems
Consultations and legal documents
Housing options
Emergency preparedness

Module 9: Medication
Anxiety and depression
Behavioural problems
Inattention and hyperactivity

Module 10: Community living and supports
Family support
Physical home modifications
Early intervention programs
In home and out of home care
After school programs
Behavioural therapy