Autumn Scene Acrylic Painting

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      Looking to brush up on your painting technique? Want to hone your artistic skills, and emulate Impressionism in your own work? This course will show you how. Suitable for following with either oil or acrylic paint; This Autumnal scene will inspire intermediate painters and help absolute beginners.Follow the brushstrokes of Impressionist painters, and learn to create a finished piece “alla primaâ€, in just one sitting.Professional Fine Artist, Chris Clark will show you how to paint along with him, using an Autumn scene for reference. He will guide you through the concepts of drawing, colour and help you focus on light to illuminate your work. The course material includes video demos of each stage of drawing and painting, with PDFs also provided for reference. You'll be able to refer back to the notes, and get the most out of every brush stroke.Get painting, and create an Impressionist impact.

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      Create an entire painting in just one sitting Learn more about the impact of Impressionism Understand how to use light in your paintings Develop your own style through the concepts you've learned

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      Four Main Purposes of Painting
      Autumn Scene
      Drawing Study
      Preliminary Drawing
      Cleaning Your Palette and Brushes
      Opaque Painting


      Welcome To The Course
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      Four Main Purposes of Painting
      Introduction to the tutor and Impressionism
      Introduction to Autumn Scene

      Preliminary drawing Study
      Preliminary Drawing Study: why it's so important
      Preliminary Drawing Study in Action
      Summary of Preliminary Drawing

      Underpainting: why it's so important
      Underpainting in Action
      Cleaning Your Palette and Brushes
      Underpainting Summary

      Opaque Painting
      Opaque Painting Part 1: light source
      Opaque Painting Part 2: continuing with foliage
      Opaque Painting Part 3 : finishing with the grass and foreground shade
      Opaque Painting Summary

      Wrapping Up