Beauty Photo Editing: High End Retouching

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Are you looking to make your portfolio or personal projects stand out, and look more professional? Learn high-end Photoshop retouching techniques, so that with practice and patience, you can achieve lifestyle-magazine level images.Retoucher and acclaimed Photoshop Instructor Marcin Mikus, will show you how to master colour corrections, sharpening, preparing the skin for retouching and more.Through a series of video-based demonstrations, Marcin will walk you through all the techniques and tools you will need to perfect your beauty photo editing and retouching.

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Access to advanced Photoshop tutorials and retouching techniques
Step-by-Step walkthroughs of tools
Learn to retouch skin, hair, eyes and lips
Create sharper and brighter images
Use advanced techniques on your projects

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Photo Editing


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Course Introduction

Basic Retouch
Raw Conversion
Preparing For Retouch
Retouching Tools
Patch Tool
Basic Skin Retouch
Basic Skin Retouch Speed

D&B Brush

Hair Retouch
Retouching Background Hair
Cross Hair Retouch
Cross Hair Retouch - sped up

Shaping The Face
Shape Of The Face

Frequency Separation
Introduction To Frequency Separation
High Frequency Separation -missing
Low Frequency Separation
Tones In Frequency Separation
Fixing Shadows In Frequency Separation - missing

Even Out Pores
How  To Even Out Skin Pores
Basic Retouch Resume

Lip Retouch
Shape Of The Lips
Lip Retouch
Colour Of The Lips
Contour Of The Lips
Adding Lip Gloss
Lip Touch Resume

Eye Retouch
Shape Of The Eyes
Introduction To Eye Retouch
Eye Retouch - Workflow
Eye Sharpening
How To Improve Eyelashes
Eye Resume

Nails Retouch
Nails Retouch

Dodge And Burn
Introduction To Dodge And Burn
DB Methods
Dodge & Burns 50% Grey Later
Introduction To Curve Adjustment Layers
Local Dodge & Burn
Local Dodge & Burn Timelapse
Local Dodge & Burn Resume
Global Dodge & Burn
Dodge & Burn - Hair
Dodge & Burn - Colour Correction
Dodge & Burn - Resume

Final Adjustments
Sharpen The Image
Colours And Contrasts
Thank You