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This course on ‘Body Language’ is designed to help you understand the different aspects of body language so that you are able to use the information to your personal and professional advantage. In addition, you can also consider using the knowledge to train others in the understanding of body language.

Actions truly speak louder than words and it is possible to convey volumes of meaning without uttering a single syllable in the process. Body language is an intricate subject and detailed insights described in the course reveal the secrets of successful communication. Learning the nuances of body language can not only help you connect better with your co-workers, but can also help reduce conflict and improve your skills in negotiation as well as customer interactions.

In addition, becoming more aware of the subtle cues associated with gestures, expressions and position can also help us improve self-awareness. We become more aware of how our communications are perceived by others. As a result, we are more likely to enjoy more fulfilling and loving personal relationships with family members, friends and other loved ones.

Paying attention to body language and gestures can help us discern between truthful and untruthful communications. If you work or volunteer in a field that involves interaction with disabled or autistic individuals, interpretation of body language can help you forge closer and more understanding relationships with your students or patients.

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Body Language
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Course Content

                          • Module 1 : Introduction to Body Language
                          • Module 2: Dimensions and Attributes
                          • Module 3 : Basics of Body Language (Part I)
                          • Module 4: Basics of Body Language (Part II)
                          • Module 5: Hand Gestures and Introduction to Handshakes
                          • Module 6 : Different Types of Handshakes and Crossed Arm Postures
                          • Module 7 : Eye Signals and Eye Contact
                          • Module 8 : Gestures and Postures that Reveal Deceit and Lies
                          • Module 9 : Body Language for Career Success
                          • Module 10: Cross-Cultural Interpretations of Body Language, Common Gestures and Postures in Daily Life