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Ever wanted to be more confident, but didn't know how to be? The answer is body language…it's the most powerful tool at your disposal!Want to ace a job interview & negotiate like a true professional? Want to turn a crush into a full-blown romance? This course will show you how to have confidence in abundance! With a few tips from renowned confidence advocate & instructor, Libby Seery, Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies, start creating your positive life today.This course will take you on a personal journey and assist you in how to get what you've always wanted for yourself, without even having to say a word! People will respond to you differently but positively & you'll be putting the best version of yourself out there for the world to see!

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34 lectures, 2h of video instruction Plus handy downloadable documents and worksheets
Personal online tutor support
Learn to negotiate like a professional!
Make the best first impression!
Improve you professional and private life

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Body Language
Confidence Training


Introduction To The Course
Intro and Downloadable Materials
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Introduction To The Course

What Is Body Language?
What Is Body Language?
Beware of mixed messages!

Core Patterns
Introduction To Core Patterns
Core Patterns in Detail – Part 1: Closed / Crossing / Enacting
Core Patterns In Detail – Part 2: Expanding . Moving Away / Moving Forward
Core Patterns in Detail – Part 3: Open / Preening / Repeating
Core Patterns in Detail – Part 4: Shaping / Striking / Touching

Body Language Skills
Body Language Skills Part 1
Body Language Skills Part 2

All the Cs!
All The Cs Of Body Language
Aspect 1. Cues
Aspect 2. Changes
Aspect 3. Clusters
Aspect 4. Character
Aspect 5. Context

Matching & Differences
Matching & Mirroring - Body
Matching & Mirroring - Speech
Cultural Differences - Body Language

Relationships - Using Body Language
Misunderstanding Body Language
Communicating The Right Message
Body Language - In Sexual, Social Environment
Body Language Signals Of Females
Body Language Signals Of Males
Courtship, Flirting, Dating & Mating
Ladies! - Getting What You Want, Using Body Language
Body Language Secrets - Attracting Women

Practical Uses for Body Language
First Impressions
Get The Promotion, Or Pay Rise You Deserve!
Influence Success with Body Language
Body Language for a Successful Job Interview
Body Language – Speaking In Public


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