Bookkeeping Automation for Small Businesses

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      Do you find bookkeeping a difficult distraction that takes valuable time away from your work or free time? This bookkeeping automation course will enable you to automate and outsource all those frustrating bookkeeping tasks enabling you to spend as much, or as little, time bookkeeping as you desire.Your step-by-step guide to outsourcing your bookkeeping will be Aliz Bodo the founder and owner of Wise Bookkeeping Ltd, an innovative company that uses cloud based technology to make bookkeeping user friendly and stress-free. Aliz will show you how by utilising innovative online tools such as Receipt Bank and KashFlow, you will be able to transform your method of bookkeeping by outsourcing it to make it simpler, easier, and less time consuming.It is time for you to take the stress and time out of bookkeeping today. Take this course to change the way you manage your bookkeeping for the better, and to remove the frustration from this essential business task.

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      28 PowerPoint Lectures, with supporting videos, to enable you to outsource your bookkeeping
      Multiple downloadable PowerPoints providing the best bookkeeping secrets
      Step-by-step guide to moving your accounts and best utilising Receipt Bank and KashFlow
      Detailed troubleshooting guides for common problems encountered during outsourcing 

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      Bookkeeping Automation Course Manual

      P1 - Purchases Daily
      P1.2 Logging into Receipt Bank
      Slides - Receipt Bank
      P1.2 Setting Up Receipt Bank as a Forwarding Address
      Slides - From email to Receipt Bank
      P1.2 Setting up Receipt Bank as a Forwarding Address Part 2
      P1.2 Uploading
      P1.3 Checking Original Against Receipt Bank
      P1.4 Checking Receipt Bank Against KashFlow
      P1.4 KashFlow Recap Categories
      P1.4 Autosync
      P1.4 Departmental Reporting 1
      P1.4 Departmental Reporting 2

      I1 - Invoices Daily
      I1.1 Customers in KashFlow
      I1.1 Create a New Customer in KashFlow
      I1.1 Customer Screen Sorting
      I1.1 Customer Search
      I1.1 Importing Customers to KashFlow via CSV Bulk Function
      I1.2 Invoices in KashFlow
      I1.2 Invoices Import by CSV - Part 1
      I1.2 Invoices Import by CSV - Part 2
      I1.3 Invoices and Customers
      I1.3 Footer Notes Invoices

      B1 - Bank Statements Daily
      B1.2 Importing and Matching Bank Statement Lines
      B1.1 Bank Feeds and Importing Bank Statement
      B1.3 Importing & ‘Matching' Bank Statement Lines

      P2 - Purchases Weekly
      P2.1 The 9998 'Other Report'
      P2.2 Unallocated Supplier Payments - USP
      P2.2 Unallocated Supplier Payments - USP Printable
      P2.3 AC Weekly
      P2.4 AC Printable - AC Printable
      P2.4 AC Printable - AC USP Printable

      I2 - Invoices Weekly
      I2.1 Other Reports for Invoices
      I2.1 Printable Documents
      I2.1 Troubleshooting: Wrong Date
      I2.1Troubleshooting: Incorrect Customer Reference
      I2.1Troubleshooting: Unmatching Value
      I2.1Troubleshooting: All Details Completely Incorrect
      I2.1 Aged Debtors Printable
      I2.1 Aged Debtors Report on KashFlow
      12.2 Unallocated Customer Payments - Slides
      I2.2 Unallocated Customer Payments
      I2.3 Aged Debtors Report
      I2.3 Bank Lines on the 9998 Report
      I2.3 9998 Printable

      B2 - Bank Statements Weekly
      B2.1 Bank Statements Weekly
      B2.1 Transfers
      B2.1 Lost Receipt 
      B2.1 Direct to Nominal Interest Insurance
      B2.1 Cash Deposited and Witheld
      B2.1 Dealing with non-business expenditure that has been paid for by business
      B2.2 Balancing Personal, Cheque, Cash utility accounts on KashFlow
      B2.2 Balancing your personal and drawings account
      B2.2 Cheque Account
      B2.2 Cash Account

      P3 - Purchasing Monthly
      P3.2 Running the Profit and Loss
      P3.1 Other for Bank Lines & Assigning ‘Direct to Nominal Code
      P3.2 Drillable Profit & Loss Report and Balance Sheet 1
      P3.2 Drillable Profit & Loss Report and Balance Sheet 2
      P3.2 Drilling Through the Report
      P3.2 Amending Report Lines

      I3 - Invoices Monthly
      I3.1 Income Reports
      I3.1 Customer Notes
      I3.2 Archiving a Customer
      I3.1 Projects and Departments in KashFlow
      I3.1 Sources in Cashflow
      I3.1 Default Sales Codes
      I3.2 Invoices & Customers: Drillable Profit and Loss Report
      I3.1 List of Income Reports
      I3.3 Monthly Profit & Loss + Departmental Reporting

      B3 - Bank Statements Monthly
      B3.1 Trial Balance
      B3.2 Balance Sheet
      B3.3 Audit Trial