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BSc Environmental Sciences and International Development

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Tipologia Bachelor's degree
Luogo Norwich (England)
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Norwich (England)

This unique degree takes advantage of UEA's globally recognised expertise in both Environmental Science and International Development to give you world-class training in the interplay between our physical environment and human society.

The courses focuses on the science and management of natural resources, the effects of environmental change, and the importance of conservation and sustainable development in maintaining a habitable planet.

You'll be introduced to the discipline's major themes in your first year, while learning the analytical tools you need to understand them more deeply. Your second year is hugely flexible, with over 50 modules to choose from as you explore your own interests, and in your final year you'll have the chance to study or work in a developing country before bringing everything you've learnt together into a research project.

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University Of East Anglia, NR4 7TJ, Norfolk, England
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Inizio Set-2018
University Of East Anglia, NR4 7TJ, Norfolk, England
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Il meglio: I love the fact that it's got the best of both worlds: bars and lovely coffee shops. I really like where UEA is located too.
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Corso realizzato: Gennaio 2016
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Il meglio: UEA has an incredible feeling of community feel - it's big enough to feel like you're at university instead of high school but small enough to the sensation of home. My course was flexible, plus UEA tailors modules to your interests.
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Corso realizzato: Febbraio 2018
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Il meglio: These 3 years have been the best 3 years of my life and I'm very happy I studied at UEA. It has all you can ever ask for in a uni.
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Corso realizzato: Gennaio 2016
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Business Development
Climate Change
Environmental Economics


The degree is run across the School of Environmental Sciences and the School of International Development in order to offer students a wide range of diverse modules. This flexibility allows students to tailor their degree around their specific interests, possibly focusing on a particular developing region or applying niche principles across a wider cross-section of the developing world.

First Year
A series of compulsory modules introduce you to the major global environmental challenges of international development. These will be taken alongside multi-disciplinary modules from the wider Faculty of Science to develop the essential analytical skills you will need during further years – including Maths for Scientists and Dynamic Earth.

Second Year
In your second year you will be given greater freedom to tailor your course around your own interests, choosing from over 50 specialist modules from Aquatic Ecology to Atmospheric Chemistry. You will also have the option to study abroad in Europe, North America or Australasia for the year, or alternatively spend a year working on an industrial placement accumulating vital experience.

Final Year
During your final year you will study advanced level subjects chosen from a wide range of optional modules, from ‘The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change’ to ‘Contemporary Issues in Resource Development and Conservation’. You may also arrange to spend the autumn semester of your final year working on a development project within the ‘Development Work Experience’ module using the opportunity to gather information towards a substantial piece of independent research in a topic that matches your interests. 

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