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Business Finance Level 2

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Tipologia Corso
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Ore di lezione 120h
Durata 1 Year
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  • Corso
  • A distanza
  • 120h
  • Durata:
    1 Year
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    Scegli data
  • Invio di materiale didattico
  • Servizio di consultazione
  • Tutoraggio personalizzato

This level 2 business finance course is designed for individuals who want to improve their understanding of business finance. Participants of this course will learn a range of finance techniques. Develop an understanding of proper book-keeping. Practice efficient book-keeping. Create debt recovery practices. Learn proper credit control methods. Understand pricing and costing process and models. Learn how to devise a trading budget. Practice managing cashflow. Learn how to prepare basic financial documents and reports. Understand break even analyses and how to perform one. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to effectively use what they learned in their company.

Informazioni importanti

Requisiti: No prior knowledge or experience is required to complete this course.

Accredited or approved course provider: Business Finance Level 2 award from NCFE - ABC Awards


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Distance Learning
Inizio Scegli data
Distance Learning

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Debt Recovery
Financial Reporting
Financial Planning
Business Accounting
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Business Finance
Credit Control


Business Finance
The course is divided up into four modules, as follows:

Module 1: book-keeping

Why keep books?

Book-keeping methods

Introduction to VAT

The analysed cash book

Sales and purchase day books

Reconciling the bank account

Double entry book-keeping

Single entry systems                         

Module 2: Credit Control
Cracking the credit problem

Is my customer credit worthy?

Credit control routines

Debt recovery through the courts

Statutory demands, insolvency and bankruptcy

VAT and tax relief for bad debts                        

Module 3: Costing & Pricing

Pricing a product

Costing a product

Pricing a service

Break even analysis

Contribution theory

Absorption costing

Module 4: Management Accounting


Managing cash

The trading budget

The profit & loss account

Management reports

Manual accounting records

Computerised accounting records

Breakeven analysis  

Study Method   

The course is designed for study by distance learning at work or at home.  Students receive course manual, assignments and studyguide plus tutor support by mail and email.  You can start at any time and plan your studies over a period of up to one year from the time of registration. 


Each element is followed by a written assignment, which is submitted and marked by your tutor.  There is no external examination required.