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Cell Biology

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Understand the key components of animals and plants. Be prepared for a career in health and Sciences. An essential foundation course for all people interested in human health, animal care and animal studies. The cell is the basic unit of life. Its knowledge is most essential to understand how life works for higher animals and plants.

An understanding of cell biology is important in many areas of study, for the cell is the building block of all living forms. This course complements studies in any area of applied biology including human health and fitness, horticulture, agriculture and wildlife manageme

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Distance Learning


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Molecular Biology
Animal Biology
Cell Biology
Laboratory Technician
Biology Science
Cellular Biology
Developmental Biology
System Biology


Lesson Structure: Cell Biology BSC110

There are 11 lessons:

Introduction to Cells
Chemical Composition
Chemical Processes
Genetic Information
Protein Structure and Function in the Cell
Cell Signaling/Communication
The Cell Cycle

Learning Goals: Cell Biology BSC110

Review basic cell structure and discuss the scope and nature of cell biology.
Describe the chemical components and processes of cells.
Describe the storage of genetic information within cells and how this information is passed on to the next generation.
Describe key concepts in molecular biology.
Discuss membrane structure and transport across cell membranes.
Discuss protein structure and function.
Describe and discuss protein synthesis.
Describe the significant processes involved in transfer and storage of energy in a cell.
Describe the significant processes that occur in cell communication and intracellular transport
Describe the life cycle of cells and how they combine to create different types of tissues

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Dietary Advisor, Anatomy, Medical Psychology