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Are you interested in improving your knowledge of Sustainable development? Thanks to this course added by Emagister you will be able to learn about financial inclusion and learn the details to achieve inclusive economic growth and the Sustainable Development Goals has gained global recognition.

This course will provide you with relevant knowledge on the following key financial inclusion policy areas, to learn about the consumer protection, the digital route to financial inclusion, national strategies, measuring the impact of financial inclusion.

Thanks to it you will develop skills to analyse policies and design strategies to implement them with a special focus on developing countries.

This online training is developed and implemented as joint initiative between Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI).

Don't miss this incredible opportunity and contact emagister.co.uk and learn more about it!

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Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

This course provides a broad understanding of the designing and implementation of financial regulatory frameworks. It covers in detail the following financial inclusion policy areas – proportionate application of global standards, consumer education and empowerment, national strategies that ensure a coordinate approach to financial inclusion, measuring impact of financial inclusion. It also focuses on three core components that drive financial inclusion – financing of micro, small and medium enterprises, microfinance and microinsurance and taking the digital route to financial inclusion.

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Financial regulators, management and staff of financial service providers, both banks and non-banks, who are either working on developing regulations pertaining to financial inclusion or need to be aware of the regulatory aspects to help design and deliver financial services that promote financial inclusion. Consultants, professionals and student from the financial inclusion domain will also benefit from the course by understanding the strategic and regulatory framework that promotes financial inclusion.

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You will be contacted via email.

Requisiti: English Proficiency / Reliable Internet Connection

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01 mar 2019
Inizio 01 mar 2019


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Il meglio: The more pragmatic course materials and reading country contexts on progress made on Financial Inclusion and benchmark to global situation especially measuring Financial Inclusion.
Da migliorare: Only a few case studies to make the course more solid. Content was mostly based on knowledge of what Financial inclusion entails and its facets. Country contexts would make it more interesting and real.
Corso realizzato: Settembre 2017
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Fatou Gueye
Il meglio: The materials and assignments.
Da migliorare: The forum.
Corso realizzato: Settembre 2017
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Moses Moses Mande
Il meglio: The Delivery method was fantastic,easy to use and available for usage,the reading materials were well summarized with very important issues on Financial Inclusion Policy,the method of assessment using the tests after every unit was very good and the assignments were relevant and practical.Considering the quality of information given and delivery method there was value for money,this information provided is very important and this can help in guiding Regulatory authorities for Financial Inclusion, Government, Financial Service Providers, Non-Financial Service Providers, Ministries and other Partners in have good Financial Inclusion Regulatory framework in the country.
Da migliorare: So far good and no areas to improve.
Corso realizzato: Settembre 2017
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Financial Training
Certified Expert
Financial inclusion
Balancing Inclusion
Consumer Empowerment
Market Conduct


Certified Expert in Financial inclusion Policy


  • Unit 1: Balancing Inclusion, Integrity and Stability
  • Unit 2: Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct
  • Unit 3: Financial Inclusion Strategies
  • Unit 4: Measuring Financial Inclusion
  • Unit 5: Financing Micro, Small and MSME
  • Unit 6: Microcredit, Microsavings and Microinsurance
  • Unit 7: Digital Financial Services


Courses start on 1st March and 1st September.

Registrations open on 1st Dec and 1st June.

Early bird discount till 15th January and 15th July.

Choose between receiving a confirmation of course completion after successfully finishing the course or a Frankfurt School Certification after successfully passing the final examination.

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Various discounts available

Early Bird Fee (by July 15): EUR 1.100
Regular fee: EUR 1.300