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CMI - Leadership and Management Level 4 Diploma inc 6 month Work Placement in Paris

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Blended a Paris (France)
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Tipologia Foundation degree
Metodologia Blended
Luogo Paris (France)
Durata 1
Inizio 01/05/2019
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  • Foundation degree
  • Blended
  • Paris (France)
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Are you a junior manager, ready to stand up from the sea of employers and willing to make a name for yourself? If the answer is YES, you are in the right place! Thanks to the new Leadership and Management Diploma, offered by Acudemy Training and recently added to Emagister catalogue, you will not only become one of the best but also a unique curriculum by having a 2 weeks’ French learning in a language school in Morzine, near the Alps!

The Level 4 qualifications in Management and Leadership, has exactly what you need: designed to help you develop personal management capabilities, this course will prepare you to take on your future and make a name for yourself!

During this program, you will grow professional management skills including decision-making, managing team dynamics and delegation capability. As a future manager, you will develop the role and skill you need, aiming to develop your personal management capabilities and make effective use of information in decision-making, operations and the development of the skills in managing people.

After completion of the course, you will be awarded the Leadership and Management Diploma, creating for yourself the opportunity to progress onto the CMI Level 5 Diplomas in Management and Leadership.

Become the successful manager you have always dreamt to be! Visit and discover how

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Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

This course is designed to provide both practical experience at a supervisory and an introduction to management through both practical experience and intellectual development. This programme is design for learners who aspire to managerial positions and see the CMI Diploma either as a complement to their degree or as a stand-alone qualification.

È la formazione giusta per me?

Anyone who is willing to have a work-based learning experience in Paris and willing to engage into the leadership and management world.

Requisiti: Learners need to complete a total of 39 credits to achieve this qualification. The minimum Total Qualification Time is 390 hours, including 145 Guided Learning Hours. Learners need to complete all units If learners do not complete the Diploma then they may be awarded a ‘fall-back’ qualification, either a Certificate or Award dependent on the regulations posted on the CMI website. Require to have a minimum of a B2 in English (B1 French Optional)


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01 mag 2019
(75) Paris, France
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Inizio 01 mag 2019
(75) Paris, France
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Il meglio: The course and the speed of teaching the content suited me amazingly.
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Corso realizzato: Gennaio 2018
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Business Development
Decision Making
Stakeholder Management
Managing Conflict
Team Leadership
Stakeholder Relations
Strategic Planning
Business Plan
Management Planning
Management Control
Business Finance
Business management
Management Reports
Managing stakeholders
Leadership & Management
Managerial style
Organisation culture
Leadership & Management


•          Managerialstylesandbehaviours-Thisunitisabouttheskillsofeffectiveandefficientmanagerialstyle andbehaviour.

•       Managingstakeholders’expectations-Thisunitisabouttheidentificationoforganisationalstakeholders,determiningandmonitoringtheirexpectationsandidentifyingopportunitiestoenhancestakeholderprovision.

•        Understandingorganisationalculture,valuesandbehaviour-Thisunitisaboutunderstanding organisationalculture,organisationalandindividualvalues,andtheirimpactonbehaviour.

•         Personaldevelopmentasamanagerandleader-Thisunitisaboutassessingandimprovingindividualmanagementandleadershipskillsandcompetenciesagainstobjectives.

•        Managementreportwriting-Thisunitisabouttheskillsofwritingamanagementreport,developingreportobjectives,gatheringandanalysingdataandinformation,anddrawingconclusionsandmakingrecommendationstomeetobjectives.

•         BeingaLeader-Thisunitisabouttheskillsandknowledgerequiredinthefieldofstaffinspectionreview.