CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership

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A Queensferry (Galles)
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Tipologia Vocational qualification Level 5
Luogo Queensferry (Galles)
Ore di lezione 3h
Durata 9 Months
Inizio Aprile 2018
altre date
  • Vocational qualification Level 5
  • Queensferry (Galles)
  • 3h
  • Durata:
    9 Months
  • Inizio:
    Aprile 2018
    altre date

These qualifications are for the development of the role and skills of managers. These qualifications aim to develop personal management capabilities, make effective use of information in decision-making, operations and the development of the skills in managing people.

Do not hesitate! If you have any questions, please ask for more information through Emagister and boost your professional and personal skills.

Informazioni importanti
Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

To develop the skills and knowledge required of an effective middle manager operating in an environment of change and charged with the delivery of organisational objectives

È la formazione giusta per me?

Experienced junior managers seeking the knowledge and skills for progression to the role of a middle manager, and for newly appointed middle managers to develop the knowledge and skills to perform at the higher level.

Qual è il processo di iscrizione?

On receiving your enquiry you will be provided with a clear explanation of the programme, an explanation of our delivery model, assessment strategy and support systems as well as a firm course price, payment options and enrolment arrangements.

Requisiti: There are not prior requirements but it would be an advantage for candidates to have some prior supervisory experience.

Dove e quando
Inizio Luogo Orario
Rowley's Drive, CH5 1PP, Flintshire/Sir Fflint, Galles
Thursday every other week
Rowley's Drive, CH5 1PP, Flintshire/Sir Fflint, Galles
Thursdays every two weeks
Inizio Set-2018
Rowley's Drive, CH5 1PP, Flintshire/Sir Fflint, Galles
Orario Thursday every other week
Inizio Apr-2018
Rowley's Drive, CH5 1PP, Flintshire/Sir Fflint, Galles
Orario Thursdays every two weeks


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Former Student
Il meglio: John gave an incredible administration along with exceptional outcomes. His regard for detailed and accommodating methodology guaranteed an extremely fruitful result for huge number inside the Company. Without John's info, many would have been less effective or even unsuccessful in accomplishing their objectives. He had an extremely constructive outcome.
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Corso realizzato: Settembre 2016
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Former Student
Il meglio: John's command over subject is fantastic and I picked up the advantage of his immense experience as he guided me persistently through the CMI level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership, and furthermore the Chartered Manager grant. I would have no dithering in prescribing John and Aquarius Training and Development to different associates and Companies.
Da migliorare: All good.
Corso realizzato: Novembre 2016
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Former Student
Il meglio: John Morgan of Aquarius Training & development partners gave the preparation and coaching to my NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Management and from the begin, John was friendly and energetic, guaranteeing that my capability was acknowledged by giving me the certainty to finish the capability. His plenty of involvement in the field implied that he could recommend conceivable ways. Much appreciated John.
Da migliorare: Nothing.
Corso realizzato: Dicembre 2016
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Cosa impari in questo corso?

Change Management
Decision Making
Performance Management
Problem Solving
Management of Risk
Team Development
Motivation techniques
Personal Development
Employee Welfare
Information based Decision-making


The Level 5 Diploma Programme offerred is made up of three discreet management areas:

Leadership Practice - exploring the role of Managers as leaders and their role in the development of their organisational vision and values. To critically evaluate a range of leadership styles and examine how these motivate and direct team members.

Project Management - To identify a management issue which can be  analysed and a solution presented to bring about a change in organisational performance.

To evaluate and apply a range of decision making models, to identify a range of appropriate data which may be analysed to provide information to inform decision making. individuals

To examine the structure of a Project Life Cycle, to examine planning & monitoring processes.

Performance Management of Teams & Individuals - the examination of the process for identifying, setting, agreeing and monitoring objectives for individuals and team.

Explore options for dealing with under-performance in the delivery of objectives.

Ulteriori informazioni

Assessment is by means of written work-related assisgnments, for the L5 Diploma there would be 3 Assignments set; Leadership, Project Management & Risk Management