Cognitive Psychology: The Neuro-Science of Willpower

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In this course you will learn about the science behind strong willpower, and raise your self control to allow you to achieve your goals. Based on the latest research and cutting-edge insights from cognitive psychology, neuroscience and medicine, this course distills it all into practical lessons and tools to build your willpower.Self-control affects your life almost constantly. Whether it's going for a run after work, writing another job application or resisting the temptation of watching another episode Big Bang Theory. All of these decisions depend on your self-control.This course will teach you to learn and apply the insights psychologists and neuroscientists have had over the last decades. And it will take you on a journey towards understanding and mastering willpower. To maximize your success, health and happiness.

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Course covers the latest scientific background to do with the cognitive psychology underpinning willpower
The core of the course is to help you to apply this knowledge
Learn about a wide variety of willpower hacks
Trick yourself into self control through cognitive psychology techniques
Understand the cognitive reasoning behind willpower and use this to take control of your life.
Guest appearances from Jerry Seinfeld and Homer Simpson!


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Cognitive Psychology


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Introduction to the course
Course Overview
Not sure about going through this course? Do this!
Risk Reward Analysis for Improving Willpower
Choosing a self control challenge

Willpower Basics: Hot and Cool
What is self control?
Why is self control important?
The Marshmallow Test
Hot and Cool System
Self Awareness for Higher Willpower
Identify Willpower Obstacles
Going from Hot to Cool

The Willpower Muscle
Introduction to the Willpower Muscle
Chocolate Chip Cookie and Your Willpower
What Judges can teach you about self control
Willpower Depletion Explained
Activity: Track your decisions for a day
Focus on one change at a time
Reduce the Number of Decisions
Get a Sugar Boost

Your Brain in Control
Neuroscience of Willpower
The Brain – Your Willpower Muscle
Mindfulness Meditation for More Willpower
Activity: Mindful Breaths for Self Control
How Mindfulness Meditation Builds Willpower
Surf the Urge
A Few Thoughts on Mindfulness
Willpower Workout
Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation

Willpower Beliefs
Beliefs about Willpower
Helpful Willpower Beliefs
Understanding Willpower Mindsets
Thinking Error: Low Frustration Tolerance
Rethinking Discomfort
Using ABC Sheets to Identify LFT Beliefs
Activity: Exposure
Activity: Postponing Gratification
Identifying Self Sabotaging Beliefs
Dealing with Self Sabotage
Spend Some Time before Moving On

Present v Future Self
Two Different People?
Future Self Continuity
A Letter to your Future Self
A Message From Your Future Self
Reward Substitution
Know your WHY
Pause and Plan
Priming your why
Trick your brain: Force a Start
Trick your brain: Postpone
Mental Contrasting and Implementation Intentions
Use this to talk to your Future Self

Your Body on Willpower
Willpower and Heart Rate Variability
What impacts your heart rate variability?
Increasing heart rate variability: Willpower breathing
Physical exercise for more willpower
Better nutrition: The most ignored route to higher willpower
Get Rest
Get Rest part 2!

Putting Self Control in Context
Remove Temptations and Distractions
Your Social Environment
Get a willpower buddy
Build Habits
Break Habits
Use Apps to increase Self- Control

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