Complete Web Development - 300 Module Guide!

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From Web-Developer Issam Baou comes a truly comprehensive experience in web development unlike any other! There has never been a better time to jump into the wide world of web-development, and the course covers Complete Web Development. Issam Baou will guide you through over 300 engaging, hands-on lectures designed to bring you up to speed with such major web-technologies as:HTMLCSSJAVASCRITP/JQUERYRESPONSIVE WEBSITESPHP AND MYSQLWORDPRESSMOBILE APPSFACEBOOK AND GOOGLE WIDGETSAND MUCH MORE!Throughout this course, you will progress from basic to advanced concepts in the form of exciting, practical examples that you can ultimately use as an earning web-developer! As you finish a chapter, you will use the skills you've learned in previous chapters to build a professional project that you will be confident to set live! Such projects include: app landing page, professional blog, games, tutorial websites and much more!By the time you complete this course, you'll have a solid and impressive portfolio of over 15 professional websites, games, and apps accessible across a multitude platforms! This professional edge will keep you streets ahead of the competition. If that wasn't enough, you'll have unlimited web hosting throughout the course so you can set your projects live without worrying about costs!If you've ever thought about becoming a part of this exciting industry, then this is the course for you.Let's get started!

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Step-by-step guide to a multitude of web-systems.
Master over 10 exciting technologies
Build 15 professional professional, portfolio-worthy projects.
Create useable and lucrative apps for the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.
Use coding languages to build excellent website content with elegant form.
Use Twitter Bootstrap to create responsive websites that will work on any device.
307 fascinating lectures, along with over 56 hours of engaging video content.

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Web Development


Introduction - Get your free Unlimited Web Hosting - HTML
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Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 HTML Chapter: Roadmap and Full Source Code
Lecture 3 Structure of a website
Lecture 4 Your first website
Lecture 5 Get your free unlimited web hosting
Lecture 6 Set up FireFTP
Lecture 7 Headings
Lecture 8 Paragraphs
Lecture 9 Links
Lecture 10 Images
Lecture 11 Inline vs Block Elements
Lecture 12 Iframes - Activity: Embed a nice relaxing YouTube video to your website
Lecture 13 Unordered Lists
Lecture 14 Ordered Lists
Lecture 15 Description Lists
Lecture 16 Tables
Lecture 17 Entities
Lecture 18 Forms (1) - Activity: Create a simple Login Form
Lecture 19 Forms (2) - Activity: Create a Marketplace Checkout Form
Lecture 20 Text Decoration
Lecture 21 Comments

Lecture 22 Introduction
Lecture 24 Inline CSS
Lecture 25 Internal CSS
Lecture 26 External CSS
Lecture 27 Classes and IDs
Lecture 28 Div and Span
Lecture 29 Box Model
Lecture 30 Box Model: Padding
Lecture 31 Box Model: Border
Lecture 32 Box Model: Outline
Lecture 33 Box Model: Margin
Lecture 34 Background
Lecture 35 Floating
Lecture 36 Positioning
Lecture 37 Display
Lecture 38 Text Decoration
Lecture 39 Text Align
Lecture 40 Text Font
Lecture 41 Text Effects
Lecture 42 Image Sprites
Lecture 43 Image Opacity
Lecture 44 Styling Lists
Lecture 45 Styling Links
Lecture 46 Gradients
Lecture 47 2D Transforms
Lecture 48 3D Transforms
Lecture 49 Transitions
Lecture 50 Animations

Professional Project: Mathematics Tutorials Website (HTML & CSS)
Lecture 51 Introduction
Lecture 52 Header (1)
Lecture 53 Header (2)
Lecture 54 Menu
Lecture 55 Introduction Box
Lecture 56 Sidebars (1)
Lecture 57 Sidebars (2)
Lecture 58 Footer & Congratulations
Lecture 59 Maths Website Source Code

Lecture 60 Introduction
Lecture 61 JavaScript Chapter: Roadmap and Full Source Code
Lecture 62 Buttons
Lecture 63 Change HTML Content
Lecture 64 Change HTML Style
Lecture 65 Variables and Data TYPE_IDs
Lecture 66 Change HTML Using Variables - Activity: Random Color Generator
Lecture 67 Functions: Activity: Swap the content of two divs
Lecture 68 Objects
Lecture 69 Create Objects using the \new\" keyword
Lecture 70 Object Contructors
Lecture 71 Arrays
Lecture 72 If and Switch Statements - Activity: Motorway Speed Control
Lecture 73 For Loops
Lecture 74 While Loops - Activity: Spend $1000 Randomly in a marketplace
Lecture 75 Regular Expressions
Lecture 76 Errors (1)
Lecture 77 Errors (2) - Activity: Password Validation
Lecture 78 Set Interval & SeTimeout - Activity: Create a simple counter
Lecture 79 Window and Screen
Lecture 80 Alert Boxes
Lecture 81 Cookies

Professional Project: Maths Game (HTML"