Conversational Japanese for Beginners

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This course brings you the opportunity to learn polite, beginner level conversational Japanese with a strong emphasis on correct and natural sounding speech, but also will enable you to communicate with your friends in a casual manner. This course is perfect for beginner level Japanese speakers wanting to learn the essentials of conversational Japanese, but also more casual phrases to use with friends.Richard Heiney takes great care in addressing the most subtle of differences between various words and particles, which is a hugely important aspect of the Japanese language, but is being ignored by most modern courses and textbooks. This course takes the form of text showing videos so that you can hear and see the words that are being taught enabling you to remember everything better.Take this course and learn how to communicate with all TYPE_IDs of people in Japanese, whether you want a very formal understanding of the language or a more casual version that you can use with friends. You will have a natural sounding accent, that will be clear and understood by whoever you are talking to.

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65 lectures containing 15 hours of video content supported by numerous downloadable Flashcard files
You will be able to introduce yourself and hold a formal conversation
You will be able to speak naturally with Japanese friends
Learn how to Count from 0 - 1000, plus telling the time in Japanese
Develop natural and fluent Japanese speech


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ANKI Tutorial - How to use the flashcards

Talking about yourself
Access to Essential Japanese ANKI Flashcards
1. Are you Japanese?
2. I can speak Japanese a little
3. Your Japanese is good, isn't it
4. Hi, my name is Bob Bobson. Nice to meet you!
5. Where are you from?

6. I will go shopping.
7. I want to buy souvenirs
8. Numbers 1 - 10
9. How much is this?
10. I want to buy a Japanese toy for a friend

11. Won't we eat lunch together?
12. I know a good restaurant
13. Numbers 11 - 99
14. I'll have tea
15. I want to drink beer together with a Japanese friend

16. Please go straight ahead
17. It's that way
18. Numbers 100 - 999
19. The bar is over there
20. Please turn right. The pharmacy will be on your left side

21. When did you come to Japan?
22. What time is it now?
23. I'll meet Mr. Tanaka at 7 o'clock
24. As for tonight, that store is closed
25. Why? Because...

Casual Japanese Introduction
Casual Japanese Introduction

Casual Japanese Basics
Access to Casual Japanese ANKI Flashcards
1. Hey! How are you?
2. What are we going to do?
3. What are your hobbies?
4. Let's go to the party together
5. Where are you from?

Hanging Out
6. What are you doing today?
7. Sorry, I'm a bit busy...
8. I have time before the part-time job
9. After work I have free time for sure
10. Let's meet at Shinjuku station

Hanging out 2
11. What's this called?
12. I want to eat meat
13. Numbers 1-10
14. What would be good I wonder?
15. How was the drinking party yesterday?

16. We're going on a date tomorrow
17. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
18. Numbers 11-99
19. How old are you?
20. We're dating

21. I'm feeling down
22. Come on, cheer up!
23. Days of the week
24. Awww I'm so jealous!
25. Aaah, feels good!

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10