Bachelor's Degree in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.): Morning program

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
A Madrid (Spagna)

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Tipologia Laurea
Luogo Madrid (Spagna)
Durata 3 Anni
Inizio Settembre
  • Laurea
  • Madrid (Spagna)
  • Durata:
    3 Anni
  • Inizio:

The Bachelor's Degree in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) is a bachelor's degree in theology awarded on behalf of the Vatican. It is a three-year course, which requires two previous years of Philosophy studies. It offers the possibility of studying and gaining advanced knowledge of Catholic doctrine based on Sacred Scripture and Tradition in order to contribute, through scientific research, to presenting an ever-clearer understanding of the mystery of Christ, in line with the most significant contemporary cultural movements.


Dove e quando

Inizio Luogo
C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid, Spagna
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Inizio Settembre
C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid, Spagna
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· Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

The course provides advanced formation for all students in the diverse range of theological disciplines (systematic theology, moral theology, Sacred Scripture, history of the Church, pastoral theology, liturgy, etc.), according to Catholic doctrine. In line with the founding mission of the Faculty, the course offers special theological and human preparation for candidates to the priesthood and to other ecclesial offices. Theological studies also seek to contribute to evangelization and to the broadest possible apostolic service to the people of God through reflection, enlightened by Christian Revelation, on the problems that affect humankind in today's world. Graduate's Professional Profile

· Requisiti

Current secondary and pre-university education preparation courses or equivalent studies + University Admission Exam [Selectividad] Students from foreign education systems. University Admission Exam [Selectividad] for Foreigners, except for students who have studied under education systems in EU countries or countries which have agreements with Spain in this regard and who fulfill the academic requirements in their home education systems for access to university. Foreign students who do not hold academic certificates issued in Spanish must present a DELE at B2 level or higher.


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Cosa impari in questo corso?

Síntesis teológica
Teología Fundamental


Primer curso (Plan 2010 modificado)

Cristología. Mariología

El Misterio de Dios

Historia de la Iglesia Antigua

Introducción a la Sagrada Escritura

Introducción a la Teología

Moral Fundamental

N.T.I: Evangelios y Hechos


Teología Fundamental

Segundo curso (Plan 2010)

A.T. III: Literatura Sapiencial y Apocalíptica - Ver video

Antropología Teológica

AT II: Profetas - Ver video


Historia de la Iglesia Medieval

Historia de la Iglesia Moderna

Moral de la Persona

N.T. II: Cartas y Epístolas

Teología Espiritual

Tercer curso (Plan 2010)

Derecho Eclesial y Matrimonial


Historia de la Iglesia Contemporánea


Moral Social


Teología Pastoral


Seminario de síntesis teológica

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