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The new ECDL is made up of a set of modules grouped under the following headings:
Base or Standard

�Base modules are the building blocks for digital literacy, describing essential skills and knowledge.
�Standard modules allow individuals to build their digital competence, depending on their needs.

ECDL Base (which will replace ECDL START) is a certification of an individual's digital literacy. It consists of four separate modules that cover key ICT skills and knowledge areas. These four essential modules are:
Computer Essentials (CE) - essential knowledge and skills relating to the use of computers and devices (replaces module 2 and part of module 1)
Online Essentials (OE) - knowledge and skills underpinning the use of the Internet to identify and retrieve information, to engage in online activities, and to communicate effectively (replaces module 7 and part of module 1)
Word Processing - skills related to working with text in a word processing application (current module 3 retained � no changes)
Spreadsheets - skills related to working with numbers in a spreadsheet application (current module 4 retained � no changes)

ECDL Standard (which will replace ECDL CORE) is a certification which can be obtained by studying the following 3 modules added with the 4 modules of the ECDL Base.
Using Databases
IT Security

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