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A City of London (Inghilterra), Madrid (Spagna) e Berlin (Germania)

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Building on the expertise of the world's oldest business school, the Executive Master in Energy Management (EMEM) educates the next generation of leaders and pioneering thinkers in the energy sector through a unique style of business education across four European campuses: London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid.

The EMEM develops leadership practice immersed in real-world challenges within the energy sector, building upon a diverse community of ESCP Europe faculty experts and world-leading professionals.

At the ESCP Europe London campus, we are utilising the expertise of our networks to build your skills in the fundamentals of oil, gas and electricity markets, as well as energy trading. The Berlin campus focuses primarily on energy creativity and entrepreneurship, plus the technological innovations affecting both the supply and demand side of an energy system; while the Madrid campus concentrates on large energy project financing and dynamic grid management using fossil fuels and renewables for electricity generation and transmission. Lastly, the focus at the Paris campus is on different aspects of global energy policy and market dynamics, including energy price formation and risk management.

We live in an era where energy security, human-induced climate change and challenges to sustainability are becoming major factors in business thinking. We are also at the early dawn of a fundamental shift in our energy systems, one that also requires a turn in the way we do business. As such, the key aim of the EMEM is to provide you with first-class knowledge of actual and plausible changes in the nature of the business environment. Doing so means that, on completion of the programme, you will be able to influence the strategic direction of the businesses and organisations you will go on to lead, and to be able to formulate a worldview that incorporates these new imperatives.

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Da tener presente

· Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

The programme is professionally orientated and designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of key energy issues, along with advanced analytical and managerial skills. Designed for outstanding young professionals, it is suitable for both experienced energy-sector workers and those wishing to move into the industry. Participants can expect to leave the programme with: An understanding of the energy business environment and its fundamental economic and technological concepts. An in-depth knowledge of energy technologies, industries and markets. The ability to develop and implement strategies to address major issues in energy regulation and policy. A thorough and practical approach to managerial issues and resources related to the energy industry.

· A chi è diretto?

The programme is intended for those familiar with the energy industry as well as participants aspiring to work in the energy field. It is profession-orientated and designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of key energy issues and improve their analytical and managerial skills. The programme's objective is to educate and train managers specifically for the energy sector by providing them with state-of-the-art knowledge and insight into this rapidly changing industry.

· Requisiti

Candidates must: Hold a Master degree. In certain exceptional cases, the selection committee will accept candidates who do not have this qualification but who do hold a high-level position within their company. Have a minimum of five years of relevant professional experience. Be highly motivated, and demonstrate his/her abilities and determination to carry out educational projects alongside his/her professional life. Provide two reference letters (submitted via our online application system). Be fluent in English. For non-native English speakers, we require the following minimum scores.

· In cosa si differenzia questo corso dagli altri?

The Executive Master in Energy Management (EMEM) aims to provide participants with enhanced managerial capabilities and a good understanding of today's energy technological challenges, thereby enabling their progression to the forefront of innovation and project development in a context of complexity, high uncertainty and severe competition.

· Quali saranno i passi successivi alla richiesta di informazioni?

Applications for the full EMEM programme are treated on a first-come, first-served basis. As places on the course are limited, we therefore advise you submit your application as early as possible. If your application is successful, you will be invited to the second stage of the process. This is comprised of a personal interview with programme directors, professors et al. These interviews are arranged with candidates on an individual basis. You will be contacted by the Admissions Coordinator to discuss which date best suits your schedule.

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Energia alternativa
Ambiente e territorio
Energy management
Project financing
Energia termica


The EMEM is a 12-month, part-time international programme taught at ESCP Europe's campuses in London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid. The programme is divided into four two-week modules and a final one-week module in Houston, TX.

The programme is also available with a flexible, open-enrolment modular structure, known as 'Masterclasses'. Masterclass participants can choose one or more modules from the curriculum to acquire credits, completing the full programme to a time schedule that suits them or simply studying individual areas of interest.

This curriculum is comprised of:

  • General Management modules which provide the essentials of management training. These are complemented by guided group work on case studies relating to the energy sector (six topics totalling 116 hours).

  • Energy Fundamentals modules (three topics totalling 96 hours).

  • Energy Management Challenges modules (five topics totalling 96 hours).

  • International Consultancy Project (group work on a specific, real-life energy topic, closely related to the energy business community).

  • International Seminar (1 week) in Houston, TX.
  • The Executive Master in Energy Management programme is available with a flexible, open-enrolment modular structure, known as 'Masterclasses'.

    Masterclass participants can choose one or more modules from the curriculum to acquire credits, completing the full programme to a time schedule that suits them or simply studying individual areas of interest.

    Modules cover topics within the fields of General Management, Energy Fundamentals, and Energy Management Challenges, and also Company visits.

What We Offer

We have a number of Masterclasses available that include:

  • Masterclass 1 (London) – 2 weeks in September
    Topics: Oil & Gas Geopolitics, Piped Gas and LNG Markets, Energy Commodity Trading and Shipping, Energy Law

  • Masterclass 2 (Paris) – 1 week in November
    Topics: Energy Risk Management, Entrepreneurship & Strategy

  • Masterclass 3 (Berlin) – 1 week in February
    Topics: Environmental Management, European Energy Policy

  • Masterclass 4 (Madrid) – 2 weeks in April
    Topics: Energy Project Financing, Renewables & Grid Management, Electricity & Renewables, Energy Project Evaluation & Financing

Participants who choose the Masterclass track for the EMEM have a range of options:

  • Package A: £6,000 (two-week class) or £3,000 (one-week class)
    Includes: 1 Masterclass (choose from any campus location)

  • Package B: £11,000
    Includes: 2 Masterclasses (choose any two locations)

  • International Seminar add-on: £3,500
    If you opt for Package A or B, you can choose to add the International Seminar option for an addition £3,500. For example, £9,500 buys you Package A and the International Seminar.

  • Package C: £22,400
    Includes: All aspects of the EMEM programme. Modules can be completed outside the programme's standard 12-month timeline and, upon completion, will earn the Executive Master in Energy Management diploma.

Ulteriori informazioni

uition fees include: Basic books and documentation Lecture material Certificate of attendance Meals and Welcome Dinner
The following costs are not included: Travel Accommodation
Please note: There are no application fees for Masterclass registration.

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