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Tipologia Corso
Luogo Perugia
Ore di lezione 15h
  • Corso
  • Perugia
  • 15h

Obiettivo del corso: Basic knowledge of Italian cuisine How to read and Italian menu How to understand the names of dishes Regionalità delle preparazioni Tecniche base di cucina italiana.
Rivolto a: Food lovers Experienced chefs interested in understanding the logic behind the structure of an Italian menu.


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Via Lillà, 2, 06126, Perugia, Italia
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Via Lillà, 2, 06126, Perugia, Italia
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To present the Italian Cuisine course, in a climate full of gastronomic invasions, means giving thanks to one of the most precious and refined culinary cultures in the world. The proposed training intends to render homage to the “principle dishes of ancient memory” and “rustic nobility” from all the regions of the boot.

The class offers an extremely vast gastronomic repertoir from the cusine of the land expressed by the richness of vegetables, cereals and legumes to the seafood cuisine to the infinite culture of bread and foccacias all the way to the fanciful and very tasty pastries. Moreover, the very geographic configuration of the peninsula contemplates a variety of environmental situations. To the ample, hilly zones fertile with olive groves and vineyards is opposed the vast plains of Padana, opulent of cereal and fruit. To the bountiful fishing of the coast immersed in the temperate climate of the Mediterranean is united the important presence of fish in south-central Italy and the subalpine lakes. Upon all this, emerges the prized olive oil which, united with pasta, is superbly the base of the healthy Mediterranean diet but that is in no way inferior to the valued butters and cheeses of the Alps. This is how the class becomes a culinary itinerary of joyous knowledge and urging through the streets of flavor.

Those wishing to learn the selection of the most representative dishes of Italian cuisine proposed by Alta Società will do so traversing the different fragrances and flavors, immeasurably linked to that regional creativity that all the world tries to imitate. To be the starring actor of all this means to be able to feel, perceive and transfer that ancient spirit of aromas, flavors and historic dishes to the plate. The class permits the students to be capable of recovering the food heritage, of knowing how to “give back to the table” all those “peasant” foods presented “with gusto” and to restore the unique flavor of time to the dinner guest.

We propose a program concentrating the particularities and characteristics of Italian cuisine, traditional menu structure and preparation of authentic dishes. We cook, we talk, we learn and we acquire the antiche working techniques of the ingredients of Italian cuisine: vegetables, seasonings and thickeners, sauces and stocks, appetizers, first courses, meats, fish and seafood, cheeses, fruits and pastries.

Each three-hour lesson is based on theory and practice and consists of five preparations serving as instruments through which the student will acquire the cooking techniques forming the basis of the lesso

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