Physics Form 3 / 4 / GCSE / O Level Private Tuition

Studying in Malta

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Interested in following extra tuition to better understand Physics by continuously practising tutorial sheets and past papers?


Private lessons are there to support any individual in gaining a better experience of any subject in a small group. Why would one need such lessons? What is the outcome of this kind of tuition?

Anyone can benefit from such lessons, whether a high or a low achiever. Why? Simple. Physics is one of the few subjects which need continuous practice. These lessons give each person not only a better grasp of the subjects, but also an experience to how they should be tackled while working problems; something which might be lacking at school due to the whole focus on finishing the syllabus.

There are various outcomes from such tuition….

• Better understanding : Small important parts in each topic which might be missed in every class due to the high number of students;

• Practice: Continuously working tutorial sheets and past papers. This leads back to the first point and builds up the following point;

• Confidence: The most important part of the experience so that each individual would be able to deal with exam style questions at ease;

Have a great scholastic year!

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