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Il centro presenta a continuazione il programma pensato per migliorare le tue competenze e permetterti di realizzare gli obiettivi stabiliti. Nel corso della formazione si alterneranno differenti moduli che ti permetteranno di acquisire le conoscenze sulle differenti tematiche proposte. Inscriviti per poter accedere alle seguenti materie.


Nessun prerequisito richiesto Module 1: SharePoint 2010 Introduction SharePoint 2010 is a collaboration tool at is heart. Its primary goal is to make it easy for users to find and share information and there are many features built into SharePoint to facilitate this. SharePoint's library system feature can provide a superior alternative to the traditional file server. SharePoint lists can be an easy-to-design and easy-to-use alternative to sharing spreadsheet files or more formal database tables. Both lists and libraries can be customized and extended to provide enhanced appearances and functionality such as calendars and discussion boards to name a couple. All of this collaboration can be done through a browser interface and, in some cases, through integration with Microsoft Office applications. Lessons SharePoint Versions Team Site Layout and Navigation Lab : SharePoint 2010 Introduction Exercise 1: Team Site Navigation After completing this module, students will: Know about the versions of SharePoint Know the Share Point site hierarchy. Understand the Team Site Layout Be able to navigate within a Team Site. Module 2: SharePoint List Basics Lists are a fundamental building block in SharePoint that provide a way for users to store and view data. SharePoint comes "out of the box" with many predefined list templates that are easy to use. Lists can be further customized by adding columns to store just about any type of information. Additionally, list columns can be validated as well as linked between lists. Lists are a very flexible and powerful tool in SharePoint. Lessons List TemplatesCreating ListsList columnsColumn Validation Lab : SharePoint List Basics Exercise 1: Working with Team Site Lists Exercise 2: Working with Team Site Lists Exercise 3: Working with Team Site Lists After completing this module, students will: Understand what List Templates are. Know how to work with default lists in a Team Site. Know how to create a new list from a List Template. Know how to create a custom list. Know how to add columns to a list. Know how to control and validate input into list fields. Know how to link data from separate lists. Module 3: Library Basics SharePoint Libraries share the same characteristics as SharePoint lists such as columns, views, and validation to name a few. What distinguishes SharePoint libraries is that each item in a library has an underlying document. Therefore, in addition to the data stored in library columns the document stores its own data based on the type of document. Because of the extra data that can be stored in columns that can be used to filter and search by and because of features such as versioning, libraries are considered a great replacement for the more traditional file server system. Libraries are, like lists, a fundamental building block in a SharePoint site. Lessons Library Templates Creating Libraries Managing Documents and Versioning Lab : Library Basics Exercise 1: Working with Team Site Libraries Exercise 2: Creating Libraries Exercise 3: Document Versioning After completing this module, students will be able to: Create new libraries using library templates. Work with the different libraries in a default Team Site. Add columns to a library. Check out documents for editing. Delete and restore documents from document libraries. Enable versioning on a library. Revert a library document to an earlier version. Module 4: Working with Lists and Library Views Views provide a flexible system to display SharePoint list and library data in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use manner. Every SharePoint list and library can have multiple views created and configured, and some list and library templates come with special views preconfigured. Views can be defined for personal use or shared use. Lessons Default Views Custom Views Lab : Working with Lists and Library Views Exercise 1: Working with Views Exercise 2: Creating Public and Personal Views After completing this mo Corso di gruppo Corso personalizzato (1 o 2 partecipanti) 24 ore 24 ore (consigliate) min. 5 - max. 10 partecipanti 2 persone: sconto del 50% Corso individuale a distanza su VoIP non previsto

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