Stone Therapy for Feet

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The following course, offered by Studying in Malta, will help you improve your
skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you
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Why Stone Therapy is so effective in cleansing the body

Stone placement to achieve the most effective treatment

Stone foot massage.

Who can attend to this course:

This course is open to anyone who is trained in Reflexology or Massage.

Benefits of Stone therapy:

The heat of the stones on the body is, warming, moving and activating to the Qi, which assists in balancing the energy circulating through the meridians and the organs.

The heat and the weight of the stones have a very grounding effect on the client.

Stone therapy is an excellent detoxing treatment aiding the body to release toxins, which build up due to stressful living.

Increased metabolism - increased circulation means organs and systems can function more effectively, therefore the rate at which the body processes food, toxins and energy is also improved.

The Effect of Stone Therapy:

To activate stagnant QI

To Balance excessive QI

To relax the client mentally, physically and energetically

To relax tension held in the clients body tissues and organs and thus to aid circulation of QI to the being.

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