Word Processing Techniques Lv 1 & 2 (City & Guilds)

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Word 2007


The aim of the Essential Level examination is to assess
candidates' ability to use essential word processing skills to
produce standard documents accurately, efficiently and with
professional presentation.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate the following
occupational competences in order to complete the examination
Create documents
Create a new document.

Enter text for a variety of documents from handwritten or
typewritten drafts using given layouts. These may include:
� A business letter
� A menu
� A notice
� A short article or report
� A memorandum
� A document produced from standard paragraphs

None of which will exceed 250 words or a single page.

Use hyphen and dash correctly.
Edit documents
Respond to written instructions and standard amendment signs
Insert, delete and replace text
Move text within a page
Insert and delete blank lines
Change the font style and size of selected text.
Change case.
Use left, centre, and full justification.
Set left tabs.
Move text between pages
Copy text within or between pages
Use search and replace

Retrieve a standard document and complete by entering items of variable information manually.
Create a table and enter text in it, adjusting common
widths to fit the text.
Add lines and a border to a table and a border to
a paragraph.
Use landscape orientation.
Number pages.
Change margins.
Insert or remove a hard page break.
Indent text from left margin.
Use hanging indent first line to create side headings.
Change line spacing.

Proof-read a document on screen and correct errors
(keying in, spelling, layout, grammar, punctuation)
including those not detected by a spell checker.

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