Word Processing Techniques Lv 3 (City & Guilds)

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Word 2007



The aim of the Advanced Level examination is to assess the
candidate's ability to use an increasingly sophisticated range of
facilities available in modern word processing software to
prepare, process and produce a range of documents accurately,
efficiently and with professional presentation.

Create documents
Create layouts for a variety of documents. These may include:
� A business letter
� A memorandum
� A questionnaire
� A form
� A document with a tear-off section (margin to margin)
� An article
� A report and will include multi-page documents.

Enter and format text according to the layout created.
Edit documents
Move or copy text between documents.
Import a graphic and resize to less than 6cm x 6 cm (2 x 2 �D).
Insert or delete columns, rows or cells in a table.
Identify and correct inconsistencies of style within the text,
eg figures, times, dates, measurements, punctuation.
Set/amend layout
Use borders of different line type or thickness and shading.
Add space between border and text.
Use drawing tools to add lines or boxes to documents.
Create numbered paragraphs lists.
Create bulleted paragraphs lists.
Increase or reduce spacing before or after paragraphs.
Set centre, right and decimal tabs including the use of leader dots.
Arrange text in newspaper columns.
Indent text from both margins.
Use headers and footers, including automatic page numbering.
Use mail merge
Create a data file of variable data.
Create a standard document and merge it with a previously created data file.
Proof-read and correct documents
Proof read all documents for errors (keying-in, spelling, layout, grammar, punctuation) without reference to
correct copies.
Print documents
Print a data file.
Print copies of merged documents including variable data.
Print a multi-page document in an acceptable format.