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Durata 12
Inizio 29/06/2020
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"ICIF has created a specific training program for the Ice cream industry: the Course on Italian Gelato. A 4-weeks training course of theoretical and practical lessons at the Institute, the program of the course allows you to undertake, through an integrated approach between theory and practical skills, a profession that give unlimited satisfaction as well as personal and professional growth in the context of the true Italian tradition. Through a relatively brief training period, the student learns from Master Ice Cream makers, promoter of the Italian Artisan Gelato, whom introduce also the beginners, to the world of the Italian Gelato, starting from the organoleptic composition of the raw materials in order to learn the techniques for the preparation of properly balanced ice creams, sorbet and granites, the student at the end of the course is able to create and study his own recipes for any flavor of ice cream, offering flavors appropriate to the tastes and local customs of his own Country. The training program is also complemented by basic concepts for the food industry such as the HACCP system, concepts related to projecting a classical artisan ice cream parlors or a central laboratory for a more industrial production, the Cake Design related to the ice cream world, modern and innovative trends such as the Gourmet Gelato or the Natural Gelato, and the correct pairing of Gelato with wines and spirits.
A training Course to become a professional Ice cream maker, a profession that is strongly required both in Italy and abroad.
The course is in Italian language and teachers are supported by an interpreter in English language.

Maximum attendance: 20.

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"Italian and foreign food and wine professionals
Italian and foreign gourmet amateurs and enthusiasts"

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Inizio Luogo
29 giu 2020
23 nov 2020
Costigliole d'Asti
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 10, 14055, Asti, Italy
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25 nov 2019
Costigliole d'Asti
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 10, 14055, Asti, Italy
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Inizio 29 giu 2020
23 nov 2020
Costigliole d'Asti
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 10, 14055, Asti, Italy
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Inizio 25 nov 2019
Costigliole d'Asti
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 10, 14055, Asti, Italy
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Cosa impari in questo corso?

Pastry Chef


First week - Massimo Conti Ice cream maker teaching
The Ice cream: its origin and theoretical notions production techniques
• The components of the ice cream • General Technical Elements. - • The economy of management and resources in the ice-cream shop.
• The technology and its support: preservation systems and storage.
• Review for the FINAL EXAM
• Analysis of raw materials and of compound ingredients.
• The choice of raw materials and the protection of the consumer.
Production techniques concepts in depth
• Systems of production. • Balancing techniques based on milk, egg etc.
• Creating fruit-based recipes with technical use of balance.
• Creation of own cookbook: the basics and mixtures.
Second week - Massimo Conti Ice cream maker teaching
Concepts in depth practical techniques of specialization
• Techniques of balance for production of sorbets. • Creation of own cookbook
• Storage system and new techniques. • The balance and the use of the management software.
• Market analysis. • Artisanal or entrepreneurial management.
• The Shop: replicability and its limits and Franchising. The takeaway, the shop with table service, the
integrated Gelato (with coffee, pastry). • The use of alcohol.
Practical techniques of specialization
• The decorations for goblets, single portions and affogati.
Third week - In depth lessons with other master ice-cream makers and professionals
• Preparation in the morning of Sponge cake with ICIF Chef instructor and in the afternoon with
master ice cream maker, afternoon assembling ice cream cakes different flavors using the sponge cake
• Manual chocolate Tempering and Art and decorations with chocolate and sugar - Master Chocolatier
• The Ice cream in pastry (eg: parfait, ice cream served as a dessert for restaurants) and covering with
sugar paste and decorations of ice cream cakes prepared in the previous days - Teaching by a
Pastry Chef from FIP (Italian Pastry Federation)
• The components of ice cream in their seasonality.
• The Fruit and the refractometer (sugar ratio with refractometer)
• Organic ice cream, natural and nutraceutical ice cream (without additives).
Fourth week - Massimo Conti Ice cream maker teaching
Advanced professional techniques
• Gourmet Ice Cream (ex: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ice Cream, Gorgonzola Ice Cream, etc...)
• Food Safety and HACCP - Teaching by a Doctor from the local health association
• The correct pairing of ice cream with wines and spirits: guided tasting exercise, experimentation of
pairing with ice cream cakes and different flavors of ice cream, tasting test with a gastronomic Gelato -
Teaching by an AIS (Italian Association of Sommelier) Sommelier Instructor and Ice Cream
Concepts of Marketing at ice-cream parlors
• Insights on sorbets and ice creams balancing.
• Insights on the management of alcohol.
• Concepts on sensory evaluations.

Ulteriori informazioni

Complete course: 5.400 €. It is possible to enroll for a 1 week period, the fee for each weekly module is of 1.700,00 €.

The fee for the complete course includes:
• 4 weeks of accommodation at the ICIF guesthouse in small 2 bedrooms
apartments with single, twin or triple rooms and one bathroom
• Check-in on Sunday afternoon and check-out on Saturday morning
• Welcome dinner upon arrival on Sunday at the ICIF Training Restaurant
“La Barbera” in the Castle of Costigliole d’Asti
• Breakfast from Monday to Friday
• Meals (lunch and dinner) in the school canteen from Monday to Friday
• A complete chef’s uniform with the Institute’s logo: jacket, trousers, apron
and paper hat
• Assistance with the Student Visa application procedure (if needed)
• Group bus transfer from Milano Malpensa airport to Costigliole d’Asti,
price: € 50
• Assistance in purchasing and activation of a new sim card
• Assistance and organization of Food and Wine tours and extra curricular
• Assistance and organization of transfers for food sector events and fairs