Crystal Therapy and Reflexology

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Do you want to be able to perform Crystal Therapy and Reflexology on close friends and family? Then, this course is perfect for you! Both Crystal Therapy and Reflexology have been used as alternative healing methods for thousands of years and to this day are considered invaluable for alleviating specific symptoms and restoring emotional and physical stability.Dr. Gaynor du Perez will introduce a number of crystals and the differing effects that they can have on a patient when applied to the correct chakra points on the body, as well as how to relieve patients suffering with specific symptoms by applying pressure to the correct reflex points on their feet and hands. Gaynor will offer explanations for these alternative healing methods that have been a mystery throughout their existence.This Crystal Therapy and Reflexology course will allow you to perform effective therapies on family and friends and you can even create a lucrative business treating clients!

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48 lectures and over 3 hours of video instruction
An in depth practitioner manual for both Crystal Therapy and Reflexology (Over 150 pages each)
Detailed instruction for specific crystals and the effect that they have on the body
How to alleviate symptoms through applying pressure of specific reflexes on the feet and hands
Demonstrations of how to apply these methods on family members, friends or patients.
Covers Chrakras and Colour healing PLUS direct tutor feedback on your assignments!  

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Introduction to Crystal Healing
Say hi to your fellow students!
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Instructor Introduction
Crystal Healing Practitioner Manual

Crystal Healing Application
Chakras and Colour Healing
Applications and Technique
The Crystal Healing Session
An example of a Crystal Healing Session Record
Ethereal Crystals-1-9
Notes for Ethereal Crystals 1 - 9
Ethereal Crystals 10-12
Balance Meditation

The Aura
The Aura Manual
The Aura as an energy field
Layers to the Aura that are beyond our perception
Strengthening and Protecting the Aura

The Chakras
Basic Anatomy & Physiology Manual
The 7 Main Chakras
Explanation of the Chakras
Crystals Associated with the Chakras
Crystal Healing Assignment

Introduction to Crystal Reflexology
Instructor Introduction
Crystal Reflexology Manual

Crystal Reflexology Application
How does Reflexology Work
Detox Systems
Location of Reflexes

Appropriate Checks for Treating Others
Case History and Drug Interactions
An Example of a Reflexology Health Record
General Treatment Feature

Crystal Reflexology Techniques
Relaxation Techniques
Step by Step Treatment

Differences between Crystal and Hand Reflexology
Using Crystals
Hand Reflexology
Reflexology Assignment