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Dental Assistant

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If you’ve ever thought about becoming a dental assistants, it’s probably because you enjoy working with people and you like the atmosphere at your own dentist’s office. Maybe you have aspirations of becoming a dentist yourself one day, and working as an assistant seems like a great way to become better acquainted with the industry and all that job entails. Or perhaps you’re looking for a job with flexibility and a positive career outlook.

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Whatever the reasons for your interest in this career path, there is a lot you have to prepare for before taking your place next to that dental exam chair. This course has been specifically designed for those considering a career as a dental assistant. The modules have been created to help you better understand both how to enter the field, and what will be expected of you once you do. We’ll walk you through education and training requirements, and then guide you in on-the-job expectations, granting you a better understanding of the career itself and how you might fit within it.

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Dental Hygiene
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Dental Health


Module 1: Career Outlook
Average Starting Salary
Potential for Growth
Job Availability
Perks of the Job
Work/Life Balance

Module 2: Required Training
Understanding State Regulations
On the Job Training
Ongoing Licensing Requirements

Module 3: Finding a Job
Assessing Local Opportunities
Should You Move?
Creating a Professional Resume and Cover Letter
Making the Personal Introduction
Personality Matters

Module 4: Patient Care
Treating with Compassion
Sterilizing Instruments
Explaining Procedures
Communicating with the Dentist
Maintaining an Upbeat Attitude

Module 5: Beyond The Dental Chair
HIPAA Requirements
Maintaining Records
Scheduling Appointments
Processing X-Rays and Lab Orders
Assisting with Billing