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Design Thinking: Innovation Strategy for You and Your Organization

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Inizio 31/03/2020
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This course will inspire you creativity, which is the ability to create something new based in your own ideas.

Design thinking is a practical methodology to innovate with solutions to problems or issues, improving process and more.

Learning Design Thinking will help you in your professional career. This is why he Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio and Columbia Business School collaborated in the creation of this course.

With this programme you'll learn to use mindset of design to drive customer-focused innovation in your own organization.

Many innovation efforts in business stall because the organization loses touch with the core needs of their current and potential customers.

The methodologies of design are proevd to work, driving innovation across multiple industries.

Enroll into this course and start expanding your potential. If you have any queries, do not hesitate on contacting Columbia Business School Executive Education through Emagister.

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10 dic 2019
31 mar 2020
07 dic 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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Inizio 10 dic 2019
31 mar 2020
07 dic 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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Project Manager
Design techniques
Organizational Skills
Innovation project management
Creative Strategy
Solution maker
Organizational efficiency management


Day One: The day begins with a two-hour design project. This introduces the fundamental concepts and immerses participants into a style of working that promotes creative innovation. From there we launch the second design project, which runs until the end of day two. Participants form teams of three and begin step one of our design process—Explore. The teams will leave the design studio and conduct fieldwork in the city. When they return, instructors will guide the teams through the Reframe step where they will synthesize their fieldwork.

Day Two: The project continues as teams begin brainstorming potential solutions in the Generate step. They then select two or three ideas and build them out in the Prototype step. The solutions are tested with real users. After completing the four steps, we focus on creating a compelling story that richly describes the problem to be solved and how the current solution addresses that problem.

Day Three: The final day is all about taking it home. Instructors will share case studies illustrating how design can be used in organizational settings. Participants will learn how different work environments can support or hinder a design process. Finally, each participant will scope a short design project to be completed in their first week back at the office. The ultimate goal is to develop a design practice that continues beyond the three days of the workshop.