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Domestic Abuse & Violence Awareness Diploma Course

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What Will You Learn?
Domestic violence is often overlooked because it is largely invisible - played out behind closed doors, a social taboo that is rarely talked about. This needs to stop and awareness, education and intervention at the earliest stages, are the most effective way to tackle the problem. This course will give you a clear understanding of what domestic violence and abuse are, who is most at risk, and how to help both adult and child victims.
The first hurdle to tackle with domestic abuse and violence is understanding what they are. The course takes this head-on, explaining from the start what constitutes domestic violence and abuse, who is most at risk, the different types of domestic abuse, and how women from different cultural backgrounds may be impacted differently by domestic violence. You’ll also gain insight into stalking and cyberstalking
“Why Do You Stay?” – the question that society asks victims of domestic abuse, and which this course hopes to answer, by looking at the elements prevalent in most domestic abuse relationships and the components of power and control. You’ll learn about the cycle of abuse and gain a greater comprehension of the complex reasons some stay in abusive relationships.
You’ll explore the reasons why some people have tendencies towards being abusive and violent to their loved ones and the common behaviours that may indicate this in an individual. The Domestic Abuse & Violence Awareness Diploma Course also highlights the issue of dating abuse, which is another form of domestic abuse endured by many young adults and teenagers..
From here the course considers the physical, mental and emotional impact that domestic abuse and violence have on victims k with victims of domestic abuse and violence, the course introduces you to the vacancies available in the voluntary sector, and the tasks that are likely to be undertaken by a volunteer. It also looks at paid positions, guiding you through the roles of an...

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: Special price for Emagister users. Code: NEWLIFE





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Maria xenakis
Il meglio: I would recommend the same to all. Thanks a lot for everything. I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed my time.
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Corso realizzato: Marzo 2018
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Il meglio: These are, ease of purchase and layout of website and study modules in the course, easy to contact a member of the team if I need any help or have any questions, certificates were of excellent quality and arrived in good time, the courses are very enjoyable and I have, and continue to, learn a lot from the comprehensive subject matter.
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Corso realizzato: Marzo 2018
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Il meglio: I am now furthering me knowledge with another course - i think that alone is a good recomendation for the centre of excellence. realy helpful people,
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Corso realizzato: Marzo 2018
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Il meglio: I would highly recommend Centre of Excellence, they are so helpful. I have done three courses so far & have another two on the go, with still plans to do many more.
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Corso realizzato: Marzo 2018
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Volunteer training
Risk Assessment
IT for adults
IT risk
Financial Training
Financial Training
IT risk
Financial Training
IT risk


Module 1 – What is Domestic Abuse and Violence?

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Current Issues
  • Part 2: Stalking and Cyberstalking
  • Part 3: Who is at Risk from Domestic Violence?
  • Part 4: Conclusion
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2 – Dynamics of Domestic Abuse and Violence

  • Part 1: “Why Do You Stay?”
  • Part 2: The Cycle of Abuse
  • Part 3: Conclusion
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3 – How Does Domestic Abuse and Violence Begin?

  • Part 1: Why is Discussing the Cause of Abuse Problematic?
  • Part 2: What Causes Domestic Abuse and Violence?
  • Part 3: Indications of Abusive Behaviour
  • Part 4: Dating Abuse
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4 - The Impact of Domestic Abuse & Violence on Victims

  • Part 1: Complex Issue
  • Part 2: The Effects on Health
  • Part 3: Financial Abuse Post-Separation
  • Part 4: Social Impact of Domestic Violence on Victims
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5 – The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children & Young People

  • Part 1: Domestic Abuse and Children – The Facts
  • Part 2: Types of Domestic Abuse Affecting Children and Young People
  • Part 3: Indicators of Abuse in Children
  • Part 4: How Children are Affected by Domestic Violence
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6 - Helping Children Recover from Domestic Abuse

  • Part 1: Interventions in Domestic Abuse Involving Children
  • Part 2: Helping Children Deal with Their Experience
  • Part 3: Resilience and Coping with the Violence
  • Module 6 Assessment

Module 7 – Best Practices in Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse

  • Part 1: Supporting Friends, Family and Colleagues in Domestic Abuse Situations
  • Part 2: Approaching Victims of Domestic Abuse
  • Part 3: Common Mistakes When Helping Victims
  • Part 4: Domestic Abuse and Violence Assessment Tools
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 7 Assessment

Module 8 - Working with Victims of Domestic Abuse

  • Part 1: Domestic Abuse & Violence Services Volunteer
  • Part 2: Careers Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse & Violence
  • Part 3: The Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC)
  • Part 4: Conclusion
  • Course Conclusion and Resources
  • Module 8 Assessment