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Drafting Commercial Contracts

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Do you want to negotiate and draft clear and concise commercial agreements that meet the challenges of today’s commercial environment? Complete the course at Emagister.co.uk to gain the skills and knowledge necessary.

Mark Weston and Falconbury have developed this multi part programme to gain the necessary skills.
Businesses and companies are founded on the crystallisation of the terms of a deal and clarity, and fair construction are the key to a successful commercial agreement. Without a clear agreement, commercial and legal disputes are likely and unclear agreements are one of the largest causes of costly commercial litigation.

This modular and comprehensive multi-part programme that focuses on delivering practical and applied training of the key drafting skills needed to create transparent and direct contracts that deliver on a legal and commercial level. Each section of the course builds on the section before.

Find this 2 part course at Emagister.co.uk

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Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

By attending this programme you will:
Examine assignment and novation to ensure you are suitably protected in the case of transfer or sale of rights
Consider the purpose and effect of typical boilerplate clauses and how you can leverage value for your organisation through clearer drafting
Get-to-grips with payments and interest terms to understand how penalties can be applied
Expand your knowledge of the risk of drafting a contract without a confidentiality clause
Understand the risks that can be created through poor drafting in practical exercises under the guidance of the expert
Discuss any disputes or issues you are facing with colleagues from other organisations to gain new ideas and perspectives
Understand the pitfalls and pluses to applying an effective standard structure and format to every contract
Master practical drafting techniques to write concise and effective agreements
Examine special contractual arrangements and letters of intent
Learn how to interpret variations and time of essence clauses
Clarify the distinction between ‘best endeavours’ and ‘reasonable endeavours’ – essential terminology in commercial contracts
Get up-to-date with the use and drafting of contractual warranties and indemnities
Understand the effect of exclusion and limitation clauses, and how they can be used to manage your exposure

È la formazione giusta per me?

This programme has been specifically designed for those who want to enhance their practical drafting skills and who have a knowledge of the law, including:

In-house lawyers
Private practice lawyers
Commercial and contracts directors and managers
Compliance officers
Company secretaries

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Contract Law
Business Law
Business Studies
Commercial Contracts
Legal Advice
Legal contracts
Drafting Contracts
Commercial Agreement
Drafting Skills
Contractual Obligations
Contract Agreements
Contract Clauses
Legal Awereness
Contractual Clauses
Agreement Clauses
Formation of Contracts


Course overview

Part One: Drafting, Structure, Interpretation and Formation of Contracts focuses on developing a robust structure and formation to your contracts and expanding your drafting skills to deliver concise and watertight agreements. It will also explain the fundamentals of how contracts are interpreted.

Part Two: Precise and Careful Drafting looks in more detail at the more complex clauses and how they can be drafted and applied to leverage commercial value and manage legal risk.

PART 1 – Drafting, Structure, Interpretation and Formation of Contracts

Contract interpretation

How do you form a contract? Part 1 & Part 2

Commercial contract format and structure

Practical exercise
Examing a sample agreement

Ancillary documentation and contracts

Terms: implied, express and standard – Part 1 & Part 2

Drafting techniques – Part 1: the easy but not well-known stuff

Practical exersise
Modern drafting

Drafting techniques – Part 2: the hard stuff and not well-known stuff

Exclusion and limitation clauses

PART 2 – Precise and Careful Drafting

Introduction to boilerplate

Transferring contractual rights and obligations

Welded Boilerplate

Payments and interest

Confidentiality clauses

Term and termination; entire agreement clauses; governing law, jurisdiction and dispute resolution clauses

Other miscellaneous boilerplate

Ulteriori informazioni

Practical interactive learning style This workshop style programme has been designed to offer a practical solution to your drafting challenges. Throughout the programme the expert presenter will use a balanced mix of theory, group exercises, discussion, sample clauses and case studies to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of practical tips and techniques to draft contracts which meet your commercial objectives as well as ensuring that there are no ‘surprises’ further on.