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As the global Internet population continues to grow, electronic commerce is growing as well. By the end of 2015, e-commerce is expected to generate over $400 billion annually.
This huge market encompasses traditional e-commerce, as well as m-commerce (which is growing faster than any other sector) and location-based e-commerce

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Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

• Describe what the terms e-commerce and m-commerce mean
• Develop an e-commerce business plan
• Evaluate e-commerce software options
• Build an online store with product pages, supporting features, a shopping cart, and an effective checkout process
• Test, launch, and update your e-commerce site
• Design engaging, responsive web content
• Understand e-commerce payment options and choose appropriate options for your site
• Use appropriate tools to track key e-commerce metrics
• Identify and optimize supporting e-commerce activities, such as customer service, sales, and inventory management
• Create a marketing plan with all the essential elements
• Market your online store using social media and other appropriate channels
• Use discounts and promotions to market your e-commerce business
• Understand what security and privacy issues face e-commerce businesses and handle customers’ information accordingly
• Protect your intellectual property
• Identify the rules and regulations that will govern your e-commerce businesses

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Requisiti: No particular entry requirement for this course.Any one around the world can take up this course online.

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This e-commerce course online,  is delivered over six in-depth modules:

Module 1 – Getting to Know E-Commerce

The introductory course module provides candidates with a broad overview of e-commerce and the industry in general, along with the most essential core elements of the successful online business.  Course content dissects and studies business plan creation at length, along with essential e-commerce jargon/terminology and the benefits of setting up online.

Module 2 – Software Options and Solutions

A variety of popular and effective e-commerce software options and packages are introduced in Module 2, along with the associated advantages/limitations of each.  Candidates discover how effective product pages contribute to overall e-commerce site success, along with several site content essentials, checkout process optimisation and supplementary site elements.

Module 3 – Creating an Engaging User Experience

The importance of focusing on and enhancing the overall user-experience enters the discussion in Module 3.  Candidates investigate effective strategies and techniques for building brand reputation and credibility, along with how to create/publish genuinely engaging web content and the importance of outstanding site content in general.

Module 4 – Transaction Management

The management of e-commerce transactions follows in Module 4, which focuses specifically on the most prevalent digital payment methods and online payments systems.  Candidates are also introduced to m-commerce and its growing value, along with the benefits and challenges associated with mobile payments systems.

Module 5 – E-Commerce Analytics

Effective and efficient use of analytics enters the discussion in Module 5, which guides candidates through a variety of key metrics and their value in e-commerce management.  A variety of data-tracking tools and strategies are introduced, along with how to effectively use sales metrics and general site metrics in enhancing and developing an online business.

Module 6 – Marketing Your E-Commerce Business

In the final course module, candidates explore e-commerce marketing and a series of effective promotional strategies/opportunities.  Several critical subtopics are introduced, including the creation of professional marketing plans, how to tap into the enormous power of social media, addressing privacy/security challenges, intellectual property regulations and more.