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Effective Contract Management

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A comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions of a contract, where flexibility can be applied and where risk is probable, is vital to the effective management and administration of the agreement.

This interactive two-day programme examines the contract after it has been signed, when it cannot be revised and has to be implemented as written. It focuses on giving you the necessary knowledge, tools and processes to be able to read and review contracts. The course will give you the understanding and skills to communicate to others, internally and externally, the ‘as sold’ contract meaning to ensure that all promises are completed and that all parties remain within the protection of the legal agreement and go in with their eyes open about the possible risks, liabilities and consequences if promises are broken.

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You will learn how to apply a logical, systematic and comprehensive approach to reading, managing and implementing a contract so that you are confident and fully appreciate what is required of you, your team and the other contracting party(ies) to satisfy the legal obligations laid out in the contract.

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Project managers
Compliance managers
Business development managers
Contract administrator
Commercial officer
Sales manager
Contracts managers
Commercial managers

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Inizio 21 nov 2019
11 Thurloe Place , SW7 2RS, London, England
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Inizio Giugno
81 Jermyn Street, Piccadilly, SW1Y 6JF, London, England
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Contract Law
IT Law
Risk Management
IT risk
Workflow Management
Legal Requirement
Risk Management
Terms and conditions
Reviewing Contracts
Legal Capacity
Letter of Intent
Written Contract
Procedural Clauses
Complete Agreement
Order of Precedence
Order of Precedence


Module 1: Before work commences – reviewing the contract

Ensuring your contract is legally binding ton deliver protection intended in a court of law

  • What is required for a contract to be legally binding?
    • LILAC–Legality,Intent,Legalcapacity,Agreement,Consideration
  • Offer and acceptance – battle of the forms process
  • Invitation to treat
    • ‘Roughorderofmagnitudeprice’
    • ‘Subject to mutually agreed terms and conditions’
  • Letter of Intent, Authority to Proceed, Heads of Agreement
  • Legal status of a verbal vs a written contract
  • Acceptance in writing, verbally or by conduct
  • Power of attorney


Checking the procedural clauses

  • Complete agreement/entire agreement clause
  • Order of precedence of legal documents
  • Change control/amendment clause
  • Authorised representative
  • Notices
  • Waiver
  • Dispute resolution: law and jurisdiction of the contract – courts vs arbitration

Reviewing the express terms and identifying if, and how, they amend or deviate from implied terms


Establishing clarity of promises of contracting parties

  • The ‘promise’ clauses – the ‘what’
  • Description of scope of work/specification, including:
    • Promises made by the customer
    • Dependencies on the customer
    • Use of subcontractors
    • Acceptance criteria/measurement mechanism
  • Intellectual property ownership and confidentiality/publicity clauses
  • Timing of delivery
  • ‘Reasonable’ rule in English contract law
  • Not renegotiation but clarification
  • Interpretation

PRACTICAL EXERCISE: Storyboarding – issues log (legal promises /obligations of supplier) and dependency log (legal obligations /promises of customer)

Determining the extent of commercial risk and liabilities

  • Risk management: Stage 1 – identification
  • Storyboarding
    • Identifying what is required and what can potentially go wrong
    • The pessimistic approach

PRACTICAL EXERCISE: Storyboarding – creating a risk register, identifying all the potential risks and which of the contracting parties is responsible/liable for which risks

Understanding the consequences

  • Is there a risk of termination of the contract if a party breaks their promise/ breaches the contract or simply changes their mind?
    • The expression ‘terms and conditions’
    • Compensation
    • Termination for convenience
  • Who are the contracting parties liable to?
    • Makingaclaimagainstthesignaturesofacontract?
    • Parityofcontract
    • Rights of Third Parties Act
  • Consequences of failure to satisfy contractual obligations/breach the contract
    • Passing commercial risk/liability with disclaimers, exclusion and indemnity clauses
    • Limiting commercial risk/liability with limit of liability clauses
    • Unfair Contract Terms Act
      • Liability also in tort/civil law. ‘Cake and eat it’ clauses
      • Duration of your liability? Limitation Act

CONTRACT REVIEW EXERCISE: Delegates will be given a ‘tool kit’ to assist them in identifying commercial risk within a signed contract and then will re-evaluate their original risk register to determine whether, as a result of the contract, any of the risks move ownership

Managing the commercial risk

  • Risk management: Stage 2 – evaluation

PRACTICAL EXERCISE: Traffic light analysis exercise, probability and impact (cost and schedule)

Module 2: Proactive management of commercial risks after commencement

Making contingency plans

  • Risk management: Stage 3 – mitigation/contingency planning
    • Solutions not problems attitude
    • Optimum outcome if ‘best’ outcome is not possible
    • Moving the project forward – practical remedies when one of the contracting parties fails/breaches their contractual obligations
    • Supplier remedy and solutions

PRACTICAL EXERCISE: Risk management planning/settlement zone

Ensuring you keep to budget and satisfy contractual obligations

  • Internal communication of the ‘as sold’ contract to ALL of the project team – Apply‘nomore,noless’rule
  • Ensuring capacity and capability to deliver
  • Proactively managing all subcontractors
  • Proactively managing the ‘dependencies’ on the customer
  • Ensuring any changes/amendments/variations are incorporated
  • The dangers of review meetings/informal changes