Essential First Aid For All Ages

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      Are you interested in developing your First Aid knowledge and skills? Then why not take this course and learn the First Aid skills necessary to help an adult, baby or child in a medical emergency. Become a safe person to be around and know how to react when medical incidents unfold as you will have the ability to deal with casualties and know when to get the emergency services involved.Emma Hammett is a qualified nurse and award winning First Aid trainer with 20 years of healthcare and teaching experience, she has used all of this knowledge and experience to provide you with an easy to follow course that will enable you to deal with a number of medical emergency scenarios.This course is an excellent First Aid Training package for people to gain invaluable knowledge at their own time and pace, plus prepare themselves to pass a practical first aid course. However, This course does not seek to replace the practical element and a practical course is required in order to meet HSE requirements for a regulated course.Take this course and learn how to deal with various medical emergencies on different age groups and know what the best solution is to a number of emergency scenarios!

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      28 Lectures, containing 1.5 hours of video content and multiple downloadable materials to enhance your learning experiencing.
      6 Quizzes to take throughout the course to ensure that you are one the right lines
      Learn what you should have in your First Aid Kit and a link to where you can buy all of the recommended items
      Learn how to react in states of medical emergencies for different age groups
      Know when your skills limits are reached and it is necessary to call an ambulance
      The perfect First Aid package that will prepare you for a practical First Aid course. 

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      First Aid
      Medical Emergency
      Training First Aid
      Medical training


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      Action in an Emergency
      Keep Yourself Safe
      Action in an Emergency
      Keep Yourself Safe
      How to Keep Yourself Safe Notes
      Essential Contents
      Additional contents
      Outstanding all purpose, Soft bag Family First Aid kit
      First Aid kit for Pre-school
      Paediatric First Aid kit
      Sports First Aid kit
      AEDs – Automated external Defibrillators
      Information for Paramedics
      In order to establish whether they are conscious
      Assessing Levels of Response
      Fish Shaped
      Anatomy of the Throat
      Opening the Airway
      Breathing Checks

      Unresponsive and Breathing
      Unresponsive and Breathing
      Recovery Position
      The Recovery Position

      Breathing Problems
      Breathing Problems Notes
      Opening the Airway:

      Wounds and Bleeding
      Wounds and Bleeding Notes
      How to Treat a Bleeding Wound
        Treatment of Shock

      Burns Notes
      What to do with a Burn

      Breaks, Sprains and Dislocations
      Breaks, Sprains and Dislocations Notes
      How do you know if they have a Broken Bone?
      Other Possible Signs
      Ice Therapy

      Head Injuries
      Head Injuries Notes
      What to look for and what to do
      Nose Bleeds
       Head Injuries
      How to Deal with a Head Injury
      What to Look For

      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3
      Part 4
      Part 5
      Part 6