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Unleash your creative expression! Style elegant events!
If you have a natural flair for styling and design, one of the most rewarding ways to give expression to your creativity is by designing and styling events. Think of it – a large blank canvas for you to paint colorful, captivating effects on!

Fundamentals first, cool artistry later!
It can be very tempting to want to jump right in and begin to choose the elements of styling too early. In this course, train in the fundamentals behind event design first so you approach projects professionally and responsibly and you’re fully prepared to plan successful events.

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In this course you will learn:

How to conceptualize an individual event
The importance of examining floor plans and using design software
Where to look for inspiration
How to translate a client’s vision into practical application
How to choose the right design and décor techniques
To make styling easy with style layers
Design detail in action

While creativity is undoubtedly the most visual and fun element to planning events, there’s a science to the planning and detail of each event. We take you through the typical ins and outs so you can practice before you offer a professional service. We give you the answers to many questions, like:

What draping fabric should I choose for a wedding?
What colours create what moods?
How much detail should I add?
How light or dark should the room be?
When should I use ceiling draping?
What styling approach works best for different types of event?

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Lan Claire
Il meglio: I am completely thrilled with EventTrix. Not only is the course itself fantastic the people on your customer service team are phenomenal. I have written in on several occasions with questions and have received clear concise and most importantly friendly help each time. Each module has presented pertinent information in a way that is so easy for me to understand. I someday hope to be an event designer and this course has been a fantastic place for me to begin to establish base knowledge for myself and has gotten me on-track to achieving my goal. I am very thankful for the education and for the help.
Da migliorare: Nothing.
Corso realizzato: Aprile 2017
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Jessica McKinley
Il meglio: I looked into the course through Eventtrix and other internet preparing organizations and eventtrix offered more useable information instead of letting me know stuff that I know beforehand in the syllabus. In addition, it appeared to be systematic, and simple to utilize. I likewise found out about Feng Shui and the 5 components. It instructed me about specific customs and elements how to blend and adjust. It truly surpassed my desires so I can surpass customers desires.
Da migliorare: Everything OK.
Corso realizzato: Febbraio 2017
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Event Planning
Events supplier hiring
Corporate Events
Event Design
Event Design Features


Module 1: Let’s examine event design

1.1 Where Event Design is used
1.2 Conceptualisation & Planning
1.3 The Principles of Event Design

Module 2: It’s your event

2.1 Becoming an event designer
2.2 The impact of event design features
2.3 Finding inspiration & being creative

Module 3: Working well with clients

3.1 Seeing things from clients perspectives
3.2 Creating vision boards
3.3 Testing your projected plan

Module 4: Overview of event requirements

4.1 Sourcing materials & budgeting
4.2 Working with floor plans
4.3 Using design software

Module 5: The design practice in action

5.1 Assessing your venue for design planning
5.2 Choosing design & decor techniques
5.3 Colour schemes & effects that work

Module 6: Setting the scene – background effects

6.1 Creating magic with fabric
6.2 Types of fabric and specific uses
6.3 Room draping and backdrops
6.4 Ceiling drapery
6.5 Chair and table drapery
6.6 Using hardware frameworks
6.7 Customising fabric effects to specific ceremonies

Module 7: Styling with winning design concepts

7.1 Customising the furniture
7.2 Evoking emotion with flowers
7.3 Creating captivating table pieces
7.4 Accent decor

Module 8: Styling gets technical

8.1 Mood creation with lighting
8.2 Good aesthetics
8.3 Staging and rigging
8.4 Special effects & technology

Module 9: Types of events

9.1 Weddings
9.2 Charity, cultural and social events
9.3 Corporate events
9.4 Employee events