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Event Management

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This course develops knowledge and skills in the planning and management of special events including concerts, festivals, exhibitions and sporting events. It covers: scope and nature of special evenevents; originating and developing a concept, timing; funding, budgeting, sponsorships, marketing; managing finances, human and physical resources, risk management, event coordination and evaluation after the event.

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Elsa Ferreira
Il meglio: I am extremely energetic about this course, and it feels truly pleasant to be invited and feel bolstered from the very initial point.
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Corso realizzato: Agosto 2016
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Joyce M.
Il meglio: A debt of gratitude is in order for opening this generous entryway of learning background to Zimbabwe. Will tell others, since I as of now feel that we will be as one for quite a while.
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Corso realizzato: Febbraio 2015
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Event Management
Risk Management
IT risk
Financial Training
IT Management


Lesson Structure: Event Management BRE209

Scope and Nature of Event Management
Developing the Concept
Physical an Human Resources
Project Logistics
Marketing an Event
Financial Management
Risk Management
Staging the Event
After the Event

Learning Goals: Event Management BRE209

Identify the various tasks which are involved in the management of a variety of different types of events.
Explain how a range of different types of events are initiated and planned.
Determine the human and physical resources required to deliver different types of events.
Determine how physical and human resources will be organised in preparation for staging an event, in order that needs are appropriately catered for.
Develop a marketing plan for an event.
Develop a Financial Management Plan for an Event.
Develop a series of Risk management procedures to minimize the impact of different types of problems including financial, legal, marketing, crowd control, food services, and hygiene.
Describe the way in which facilities and services are managed during the actual delivery of an event.
Review an event after its delivery.


Research to find out what events are taking place in your locality.
Study and compare different events.
Review marketing of various real life events.
List sources of potential financial support for an event.
Interview someone who has managed an event.
Explain the different legal and ethical responsibilities with respect to risk management of an event.
Explain two methods of reducing liability, which could be used by the organisers of any event.
Compile a stage plan, contact responsibility list, & production scheduler, with relevant run sheets for a one day seminar.
Write a procedure (step by step) for choosing a venue for staging an event.
List reasons why an evaluation would be undertaken after an event.
Prepare a report to evaluate the event you attended.

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Organisation, Event Management, Event Planning