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Extensions & Hair Styling

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  • Online
  • 50h
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Hair styling is an exciting, creative and glamorous career or a valuable addition to many professions like personal shopper or image consultant. Based in the fast moving, bustling world of image and fashion, it is satisfying and very rewarding. Once trained, you could work in a salon that sets trends, style models for fashion shows and magazine photo shoots or integrate your training into an overall styling or personal shopper service. It’s also really useful when giving advice in a fashion retail assistant position.

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Hairstyles throughout history, their place in fashion eras and how many classic looks are adapted for a modern twist.
The structure of hair and how to care for, protect and nourish it.
Inside tips and tricks on techniques like washing, straightening, curling and drying.
How to suit hair colour and styles to individual face shapes and skin tones.
How to create special styles for occasions and create many looks with one cut.
Upstyles – past trends that are the basis of many modern looks + the latest up to date styles.
Extensions – different types and step by step techniques for applying and removing.
The course is packed with detailed pictures, videos and step by step instructions on vital skills. You’ll receive clear, practical knowledge and tips that will help you feel confident to get styling right away.

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Hair extension
Hair and beauty
Hair care
Hair styling


Module 1: A close look at hair
The structure of hair
The scalp
The history of hair
Different types of hair

Module 2: How to treat hair
Hair products
Hair and scalp analysis
Avoiding mistakes and damage

Module 3: Hair colour and hair shape
Which shades enhance which skin type & which colours don’t work
Which shape/style of hair suits which face shape

Module 4: How to wash hair professionally
The benefits of scalp massage
Hair treatments
Expert tips
How to professionally wash hair video tutorial

Module 5: Tools
Blow drying equipment
Different types of tools

Module 6: Styling
How to add volume video tutorial
Creating curls with rollers video tutorial
Enhancing curls with a diffuser video tutorial
How to straighten hair video tutorial
Sculpting hair with finger technique and wax video tutorial

Module 7: Men's hair
Is men’s hair different?
Applying Gel video tutorial
Applying Wax video tutorial

Module 8: Upstyling
Brief history of upstyling
Essential tools for upstyling
Preparation of hair for upstyling and braiding
Selection of upstyles
Techniques for creating upstyles
Fillers and hairpieces
Upstyles, step by step.

Module 9 : Extensions
Practical application of extensions
Removable or Clip Extensions
Keratin Extensions
Micro Ring Extensions

Module 10: Hairstyles
Short pixie cut
Short structured style
Androgynous style
Shoulder length hair, no fringe
Round bob with feathery contours and side parting
Long hair, layered or without layers