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Financial Trading

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Ore di lezione 30h
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    60 Days
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  • Campus online
  • Invio di materiale didattico
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This course has been specifically designed for those hoping to begin building their own financial nest egg, harnessing the potential available through financial trading. We understand that the financial market can be intimidating to some, and that essentially gambling with your own money can feel like a huge risk. But through this course you’ll learn that there is some fun to be had in that, and perhaps even more importantly, that through responsible trading, the risks are fairly low. We’ll walk you through the terms you may not yet know, the tools at your disposal, and the resources you can turn to when you’re hoping to learn even more. Most importantly, this course will teach you what you need to know to begin trading and to start making money in the process.

Informazioni importanti
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This Course is For Anyone:

- Anxious to begin planning for their future
- Who enjoys taking measured risks, with the potential for big rewards
- Interested in learning more about the financial market
- Excited to take their financial future into their own hands.

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IT risk
Record Keeping
Financial Training


Module 1: The Basics

Why Trading?
Trading Styles
Embracing Technology
Coming Up With a Plan
Starting Slow

Module 2: Learning as You Go

Finding a Mentor
Sites to Watch
Study Patterns
Research Successful Investors
Know Who to Trust

Module 3: Choosing Investments

Stick With What You Know
Assessing Risk
Analyzing Value
Diversifying Your Portfolio
Sticking to a Budget

Module 4: Monitoring Your Portfolio

Tracking Prices
Graphing Results
Weekly Reporting
Following Companies
Anticipating Drops

Module 5: Record Keeping and Taxes

Brokerage Statements
Trading Journals
Maintaining a Resource List
Tax Considerations
Working With a Tax Specialist