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Having exclusive access to the very best candidates in the market (not on the market) is key to matching role competencies with an individual. This means headhunting skills should be a core competency rather than an optional one. Our one day course is designed to give recruitment staff the skills and knowledge to attract, find and place highly skilled individuals. Errors, especially with executive placements, can be very costly and time-consuming. Reduce this risk with this very cost-effective training course which can be designed also to fit your industry or marketplace.

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The current outline for this headhunting training course enables you to:

Describe what headhunting is and the process it follows
Explain why headhunting is used, and the needs of all parties affected by the headhunting process
Identify potential sources of candidates using research techniques and networking
Collate and manage the information they gather during the research process
Understand the psychology and behaviour of people at work, including the headhunted candidate
Structure calls effectively to potential candidates and uses effective questions to profile and qualify candidates
Prepare candidates for interview thoroughly
Debrief both candidates and clients after interviews have taken place
Handle counter offers and deal breakers effectively
Monitor and review their approach to identifying how successful they have to be





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Interview Techniques
Headhunting Skills
Interview Skills
HR Practices
Human Resource Recruitment
Job Recruitment
Skills and Training
Head Hunting
Interview Techniques
Head hunting staff
Head Hunting
Job Recruitment
Head Hunting


Course Outline

During this headhunting training course, you will learn about:
  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Setting the Scene – Defining Headhunting and why it is used
  • The Headhunting Process – An Overview
  • Identifying Potential Candidates – Networking, Sources of Information, Gathering Names
  • The psychology of the candidate – what motivates people at work, and why they change jobs
  • Turning Names into Candidate – Profiling and Qualifying the Candidate
  • Dealing Effectively with the Recruitment Process – Preparing the Candidate for Interview, Debriefing the Client and Candidate
  • The Bargaining Process – Dealing with Counter Offers and Dealbreakers
  • Monitoring and Measuring Success – How well did your approach work?
  • Personal Action Planning
  • Course Evaluation and Review