How To Write Short Stories with Jane Bettany

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If you want to write fiction, then short stories are a great place to start and agreat source of income.This course, led by author Jane Bettany, will show you how to find ideas, put your stories together and how to submit them to an editor. We will cover essential elements of story writing such as plot and structure, dialogue, characterisation, setting, tense, viewpoint and so much more!There are downloadable writing exercises, a list of current short story markets, lecture handouts and short stories themselves.Finally, we will cover editing – one of the most important parts of the writing process. This comes with tips on proof reading, preparing and submitting your manuscript.You'll even learn how to overcome writer's block, so really is no excuse for not writing a short story today!

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Understand the different elements of short fiction writing and how to weave them into a completed story
Identify suitable markets
Edit, prepare and submit your manuscript for publication
Explore story openings, conflict, using flashback, characters, dialogue and how to end your story.

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Course Overview
Welcome and Introduction

What are short stories?
How Short is Short?

Story Genres: What kind do you want to write?
Different Genres
The First Writing Exercise

Find your market before you start
Short Story Handouts
Finding Your Market

Analysing Short Story Markets
Analysing the Market

Other ways to get your story published
Competition Tips
Alternative Routes to Market

Where do you get your ideas?
Cook Up a Story
Getting Ideas

Create a Great Opening
The Great Opening

Plot and Structure
Plot Structure Handouts
Develop a Plot and Structure

Using Flashback
Gently Does It Handouts
Introduction to Flashback

Deciding on Viewpoint

Deciding which tense to use
Choosing the Right Tense for your Story

The Essential Ingredient

Creating Characters
Naming Your Characters

Setting and Description
Using the Five Senses
Introduction to Settings and Descriptions

Writing Dialogue
Writing Believable Dialogue

Ending Your Story
The Big Freeze
Bringing it to an End

Editing Your Story
Editing Exercise

Proofreading Your Work
Proofreading Tips

Submitting your story to an Editor
Cover Sheet
Submitting Your Story

Dealing with Rejection

Overcoming Writer's Block
Writer's Block
Write, write, write

Action Plan
12 Step Action Plan

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4