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Do you need to improve your IELTS scores to band 7, 7.5 or higher in the IELTS speaking test of 2016? The majority of universities and immigration departments require a IELTS score of 7 and higher, however, last years average IELTS score was less than 6.5.With the help of this course you can be confident to achieve much higher scores than the average.Nestor Kiourtzidis has constructed a course that is sure to improve your language skills and preparation methods to help you achieve your target band in quick time. The clear and well presented videos are supported by multiple PDFs designed to enhance your learning experience and cover all that the IELTS examination can test you on, in great detail.This course will provide you with effective processes that will help you through the IELTS exam, covering everything from how best to prepare for the test to the way that you should conduct yourself with the examiner. Additionally, it will teach you advanced level words, phrases and structures so that you can further impress the examiner. These teachings will all be observed by a model candidate putting everything into practise.

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101 lectures, with over 3 and a half hours of video teachings, supported by 47 individual PDF files.
8 quizzes to take throughout the course, ensuring that you are on the right tracks to achieving your goals
A model candidate putting all that you learn into practise
5 videos to show you how to use synonyms and diversify your use of language. 

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Basics and Preparation
Say hi to your fellow students!
Share your new course with your friends!
How the Speaking test is scored
What is IELTS
Scoring Criteria
General Do's and Don'ts
Handout - Dos and donts
General preparation
Handout - General Preparation
Dealing with nerves
Handout - Dealing with nerves
Sample Questions

Vocabulary tips
Vocabulary for Band 7-9
Handout - Vocab for band 7-9
Synonyms 1
Handout - Synonyms 1
Synonyms 2
Handout - Synonyms 2
Synonyms 3
Handout - Synonyms 3
Synonyms 4
Handout - Synonyms 4
Handout - Paraphrasing
Asking for Clarification
Handout - Asking for Clarification

Expressing your opinions and ideas
Giving opinions
Handout - Giving Opinions
Connecting ideas
Handout - Connecting Ideas
Giving examples
Handout - Giving Examples
Being spontaneous
Handout - Being Spontaneous

Grammar and pronunciation
Grammar for Part 1
Handout - Grammar for Part 1
Grammar for Part 3
Handout - Grammar for Part 3
Grammar Questions
Pronunciation tips
Handout - Pronunciation tips

Time management
Developing your answers
Handout - Developing your answers
Using conversation fillers
Handout - Using conversation fillers
Buying time
Handout - Buying Time
If you don't have an opinion
Handout - If you don't have an opinion
Difficult Questions
Time management in Part 2

Model answers for Part 2
30 Incredibly Useful Phrases for Part 2
A special occasion
Handout - A special occasion
A book
Handout - A book
An Item of Clothing
Handout - An Item of Clothing
A collection
Handout - A collection
A decision
Handout - A decision
A dish
Handout - A dish
A dream holiday
Handout - A dream holiday
Handout - Family
An enjoyable activity
Handout - An enjoyable activity
A free day
Handout - A Free Day
An ideal home
Handout - An ideal home
A meal
Handout - A meal
A photograph
Handout - A photograph
A school
Handout - A school
A sporting event
Handout - A sporting event
A TV show
Handout - A TV show
A useful object
Handout - A useful object

Typical mistakes and course review
Typical Mistakes in IELTS Speaking

Part 1
Quiz Info
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8