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Interior Design & Home Styling

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International Open Academy
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Design exquisite home interiors without leaving yours Interior design is a stimulating and rewarding profession. It challenges your creativity, ingenuity, practicality and inspiration. It’s also great fun! Interior designers were once used only by the very wealthy. Now, interior design, particularly in the area of home styling, is widely sought after. People have busy lives and are prepared to incorporate the cost of a designer into home projects so they achieve an outstanding finish that’s professional & individual and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Fundamentals, concepts & practical implementation of interior styling in this IOA Interior Design & Home Styling course, immerse yourself in the fundamentals, design concepts and practical implementation of this area of interior design. Learn:

How to analyze a space for design
What elements to consider first?
What to take into account when choosing design features
How to working with practical building features and utilities
How to use a space & flow chart to plan your project

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Samantha Melissa Sargent
Il meglio: I had an amazing time with this course and I leanred a lot here and it was great experience overall.
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Corso realizzato: Luglio 2018
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Christopher Stocks
Il meglio: IOA present you with all the information you need to make you decide the best choice for you. I am very much impressed with the Interior Design course. I took another course on this with other provider and it was absurd. This one is really worth the time and money!
Corso realizzato: Maggio 2016
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Nadine Tataryn
Il meglio: The course was wekll-structured and organised, and the instructions were made clear for easy following. I was able to retain all the information in a timely manner to be successful. I now feel confident in being able to communicate positively with someone in the Deaf community. This programme has made me more aware about the Deaf community and has given me the desire to continue learning and practicing. The audiovisual materials were excellent!
Corso realizzato: Novembre 2016
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Cosa impari in questo corso?

Design techniques
Furniture Design
Interior Fittings
Colour Schemes
Design Methodology
Home Decor
Interior Design


Module 1: Introduction to Interior Design
What is Interior Design?
Qualities & skills of an Interior Designer
Brief history of modern Interior Design
Becoming an Interior Designer
Descriptive design terms
Meeting your clients

Module 2: Design principles
Define your tasks
Interfacing with other disciplines
Design concept
Drawings & plans
Six design principles
Finding inspiration

Module 3: Project overview
Design steps
Working with the team
Payment strategies
Project management tips
Design evaluation
Common design challenges

Module 4: Design elements
Colors, accessories & their significance
Spatial relationships & proportion
Scale & balance
Texture, patterns & fabrics
Line & form
The user’s experience – sight, sound, smell, taste & touch

Module 5: Design elements
Choosing a suitable color scheme
Choosing flooring and & wall décor
Choosing & placing furniture
Choosing window dressings
Choosing & placing lighting
Choosing accessories & soft furnishings

Module 6: Room by room design
Living room
Kid’s room

Module 7: Popular interior styles
Shabby Chic
New York Style
Parisian Style
New England

Module 8: Sustainable design
Design & the environment
Environmental policy
Responsible sourcing of raw materials
Climate change
Health & safety

Module 9: Presenting your ideas
Use of perspective
Using the color wheel
Pencil sketching
Computer aided design
Mood boards

Module 10: Managing Interior
Design business
Maintaining professional relationships
Charging fees
Preparing a portfolio
Marketing your business
Low cost marketing techniques
Setting up a website
Social media
Free PR