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Introduction to Art Direction for Advertising (Online)

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Tipologia Corso
Livello Beginner
Metodologia Online
Durata 6 Weeks
Campus online
Servizio di consultazione
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  • Corso
  • Beginner
  • Online
  • Durata:
    6 Weeks
  • Campus online
  • Servizio di consultazione
  • Lezioni virtuali

This course provides a practical understanding of what it takes to art direct multimedia advertising campaigns. At the beginning of the course you develop advertising concepts in response to a brief.

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The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in the concept of originating and producing ideas on computer within the advertising agency environment.

Requisiti: No previous experience is necessary. All of the projects can be finalised on computer, so therefore some basic skills in Photoshop or Indesign are necessary.

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24 gen 2018
27 mar 2018
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27 mar 2018

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Basic Skills
Art Direction
Visual Communication
Model Making


After an initial brainstorming and discussion around how best to approach the concepts, you produce a rough layout indicating where all the visual elements such as headline, image, text and logos are to be placed. Following constructive feedback you then develop finished versions on computer combining all the relevant elements in your layout. In doing so, you will absorb the basic principles of visual communication while learning the value of branding a product through art direction, colour and typography.

You will also learn how to present to your creative director and your relationship with him or her will be discussed. The importance of combining words and visuals will be stressed, alongside advice on how to work as part of a creative team with a copywriter. You will also learn how to give your work the best production values in terms of photography and illustration, all sourced from the internet.

The focus of the course is to generate good, strong ideas from various briefs and then produce the advertising in Photoshop or lndesign. If you do not have these technical design skills, you will be teamed up with a student who does.

Finally, you will be advised on how to compile a compelling portfolio comprising five or six campaigns that will help you to attract the attention of advertising agencies. Individual idea generation is strongly encouraged, but if students do not have their own ideas, they will be given ideas to work with as the only way to produce great art direction is to work on strong advertising ideas.
Also, students will be encouraged to have their own product/brief ideas for various mediums including digital/online.

Course Schedule: 6 weeks: 1.5 hours of live class twice a week

Session 1: Explain the role of an art director within an agency

  • My tips on art direction
  • Discussion on how important good ideas are to art direction
  • The best art directors in the world with examples of their work
  • Go through set briefs and how to work to them

Session 2: How a headline works with a visual

  • How important is typography to art direction
  • The importance of a great shot
  • Keep a scrapebook of design
  • Learn how good art directors break ‘rules’ to create something different
  • Critique on students work throughout course

Session 3: Production of your advertising

  • Choosing a photographer
  • Carrying out a photographic shoot
  • The use of model making in art direction
  • The use of illustration in art direction
  • Art direction in different mediums

Session 4: How adverts work in their communication

  • Practice serious, funny and stylish art direction
  • When to ‘lift’ design elements for your adverts
  • The importance of expressing benefit in adverts
  • How branding is achieved
  • What’s good and bad about a logo
  • Line breaks of a headline are discussed

Session 5: Putting your first your first portfolio together

  • What comprises an advertising portfolio
  • Handouts on the subject of obtaining a job as an art director
  • How to attract a good copywriter
  • Opportunity to write your own briefs on your own

Session 6: Online/digital market

  • Discussion on the online/digital mediums
  • How to apply good art direction in alternative media

Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older

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Please note this course is being delivered on UK time.