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Inventor Publisher 2013 DVD-ROM
Over 3 Hours of video tutorials by a Certified Autodesk Instructor
46 Video Tutorials
Instructor: Dan Banach
Exercise Files

CADLearning for Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2013 teaches you to simplify the creation of technical manuals, assembly instructions, user guides, and other interactive technical communication. Learn to create, control and annotate and publish snapshots and storyboards.

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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3d training
Adobe Flash
Publishing Snapshots


Getting Started

Defining the Process to Create Technical Documents in Inventor Publisher

Creating a New File and Open an Existing File

Exploring the Inventor Publisher User Interface

Starting Commands

Selecting Components

Changing the Viewpoint and Navigation Bar

Using the ViewCube to Change the Viewpoint

Using Shortcuts to Change the Viewpoint

Creating File Versions

Creating Snapshots and Storyboards

Inserting 3D CAD Data

Setting the Publish Area

Creating Storyboards and Snapshots

Exploding Components - One Level

Exploding Components - All Levels

Exploding Components Manually

Controlling Which Snapshots Will be Affected by Changes

Extracting Camera From One Snapshot to Another Snapshot

Restoring a Component to its Home Position

Moving Components

Adding Trails

Controlling Snapshots

Using Thumbnail View, Timeline View and Reorder Snapshots

Merging Snapshots

Adding a Description to a Snapshot

Setting Snapshot Timing and Snapshot Transition Time

Changing a Components Appearance Styles

Changing a Components Color, Material and Opacity

Changing the Environments Appearance

Annotating Snapshots

Adding Callouts

Adding Arrows

Inserting an Image and 2D AutoCAD Blocks

Adding Text

Creating Dimensions

Creating a Parts List

Creating a Section View

Creating a Detail View

Updating Components

Publishing Storyboards and Snapshots

Publishing a Video File

Publishing a DWF File

Publishing an Adobe Flash File

Publishing an Image File

Publishing 2D and a 3D PDF File

Publishing a Microsoft PowerPoint File

Publishing a Vector File

Publishing a Mobile File

Publishing a Microsoft Word File

Using the Inventor Publisher Microsoft Word Add-in